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Director James Comey should have been fired immediately following his disastrous press briefing July 5, 2016 in which he meticulously laid out the case against Hillary Clinton over mishandled “Classified” material so he took it upon himself to excuse her, overstepping his authority, radiating sanctimony, only to abrogate power again in October clumsily intervening in the election as he had apparently concluded Hillary would lose! Comey should have been fired on January 20 in President Trump’s first act.

Everything since has been “cat and mouse” for Comey since. He is a former Manhattan US attorney, where his biggest case was sending Martha Stewart to prison for something every Congressman does in every year of his term; buy and sell stocks on inside information. For them it is legal, for us it is not, but no one seems to be able to say, “That is unconstitutional!”

On his watch, the FBI continued its politically correct, see-no-evil policy for radical Islam failing to prevent the San Bernardino massacre. They watched the Orlando nightclub shooter for ten months, closed the case, so he killed or wound 102 people. There are other such fumbles like “9/11,” but we don’t want to run the “G-Men” in the ground even though they deserve it.

Now the bureau is bogged down in the “Russian hacking” fantasy, apparently tiring of reality. It bubbled up from Hillary’s ever-simmering cauldron of blame stew. Senator Diane Feinstein, Ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said a few days ago, “There is no evidence.” May they stop beating this horse? It is dead.

There is literally no way the Russians could have had any effect on the 3141 counties that produce our national elections and why did RT TV, the Russian propaganda arm in Washington, DC, have all eight of its’ on-air commentators promoting the Clinton candidacy? They thought she would win! The Democrats are so used to stealing elections with illegal alien votes and registering tombstones they think the Republicans must have that to win, but lacking evidence they now accuse Russia!

Mr. Trump could cure cancer, solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, appoint Oprah as his special envoy to Japan and the Beltway press corps would howl he was racist! The fires fueling this politically fueled hatefire will flicker out only when Democrats accept they lost an election and they never will. So what will be?

We feel confident that Mr. Trump has had no nefarious connections with any Russian entity, private or official. He would be a fool to lie as there would be traceable records given the dimensions of anything done internationally. This being the case the investigation will drag on for two years while the Democrats go into terminal despair because every “special counsel” milks the gig for every last Champaign, roast Pheasant and Truffle dinner, night in a five star hotel with hot and cold running maids, you name it. These men and women don’t just take a paycheck; they take revenge on the stupid people that sent them on an insane, utterly vapid mission running blind alleys.

But, suppose they find something and Mr. Trump is impeached, resigns in disgrace and has to go back to Trump Tower to run his 200 businesses! A significant number of Democrats think Hillary would take his place. These are folks who got a liberal, content and stress free education. They will be shocked to see Mr. Pence take the helm and learn that he is a devout Evangelical who sings all the hymns by heart, will not dine with a lady unless his wife present. He is so clean he squeaks! The liberals can kiss Rowe vs Wade goodbye and when Justices Ginsberg and Kennedy retire, as expected within Pence’s term, you can be sure he will install two fire-breathing conservatives that will nail many of the liberals favorite things. They will be begging Mr. Trump to return.

VP Mike Pence was a very successful Indiana Governor who brought the state out of debt and into surplus. He can walk across the Wabash River barefoot singing, “Back Home Again in Indiana” and there will not be a dry eye in the county, but there will be a Persimmon pie in every oven to celebrate his Presidency. The liberals have written for themselves a prescription that will give them “thoughts of suicide” like all the TV potions and elixers where every doctor is a lady and every party has black folks.

But, suppose with corruption and violence the Democrats manage to eliminate both Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence what then? We do not need to go into revolution or a shooting war. All we need to do is stop paying our Federal Taxes, but take the money and deposit it in accounts labeled, “In Trust For the Federal Taxes of: (name)” and deposit it in a credit union or private bank that does not have a Federal Charter. If only 10% of our taxpayers do this the IRS Enforcement Division and FBI will collapse, go into dysfunction, and not the small town in Illinois of the same name,

Most judges will throw up their hands and you should insist on representing yourself, loudly proclaiming, “I don’t need a lawyer to tell the truth! This government is corrupt and I will not support it!” The funds should include all Social Security deposits, Withholding Taxes, etc., the whole shootin’ match and within two weeks Washington, DC will be on their knees and we the people will be in charge.

OK, maybe it is a bit far-fetched, but wouldn’t you at least like to see a movie with this kind of plot? “The End of BS”

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