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Pax Americana
“… the concept of relative peace in the Western Hemisphere and later the world beginning around the middle of the 20th century, thought to be caused by the preponderance of power enjoyed by the United States …” 

Zbigniew Brzezinski:
“The new world order under the hegemony of the United States is created against Russia and on the fragments of Russia.”

On March 1, 2018, Vladimir Putin announced his message to Russian parliamentarians which draw the attention of the world. Russian President framed his two-hour address as a show of Russian might and defiance against efforts by the West — particularly the United States and NATO: “You have failed to contain Russia.”

The main thing that was demonstrated by this presentation: the confidence of the Russian authorities, the feeling of support for it by Russian population, which allows Russia to respond to the challenges of the modern troubled world as a monolith, becoming stronger as the stronger it is being shaken.

A couple of years ago, Putin said that Russia is not a superpower and does not seek this status. Even then, this assertion disproved itself by the fact of its existence. Consequently, refusing the status of a superpower, Putin stressed that there is a reason to consider Russia as such.

The term “superpower” arose in the era of the bipolar world. In the multi-polar world that existed before World War II, the term “great power” was used, which, in different epochs, was up to a dozen. After the collapse of the USSR, the only remaining superpower – the US – was called the global hegemon.

Since Russia is in favor of creating a multipolar world, a demonstrative refusal of a superpower should indicate that there is no desire to seize the place of the sole hegemon or to return to the bipolarity format.

Russian objective is to involve the participation of at least half of the world’s states (which have two-thirds of the world’s population and control at least half of the global economy), into the implementation of the multipolar world. This will inevitably change the entire planetary economic basis and with it the strategy of international relations.

Russia should become the center of the coherence of the planet – the main crossroads of world trade through the development of the trans-Eurasian trade routes, as well as the Northern Sea Route. This should be complemented by the further advance development of the domestic Russian infrastructure, primarily transport, but not only.

The shift in the center of gravity of world economic relations to the Asia-Pacific region requires Russia to advance the development of the Far East and the Far North, including the active participation of its neighbors in Eurasia (China, Kazakhstan, Japan, India, Iran) and the transformation of Russia into a global technological, commercial and industrial center is a kind of global economic hub.

Nature does not tolerate emptiness …

If transit routes, world trade, industrial production, high technologies, promising science move to Russia, then they leave somewhere. And someone with this state of affairs will be extremely unhappy. Despite Russia’s repeated proposals to cooperate mutually beneficial, Western partners tried to retain unilateral advantages by force (sanctions and military-political pressure), and perspective of losing these advantages made “partners” more aggressive.

Thus, one must be able to protect their projects and their achievements. Putin’s speech in March was a turning point in Russia’s global positioning. For the first time, away from the exhortations of the Western world and explanations of the futility of attempts to suppress Russia, Putin went on to state the fact of Russia’s invulnerability!

Declaring a rejection of the status of a superpower, Putin nevertheless showed that Russia in its ambitions corresponds to the three requirements of a superpower – to have a dynamically developing advanced economy, to have inexhaustible (within human life) natural resources, to have or create an advanced transport infrastructure. But all this will be successful only if the state can protect its achievements from any aggressor.

As Alexander Dubrovsky remarked amusingly: “There are a hundred ways to get the bear out of the den, but there is not a single way to drive it back.”

Few people paid attention to one word in the president’s speech, and it was the key.

Russia will respond with all its might in the event of an attack on it or its allies, Putin said. The only ally of Russia, who is now threatened with an attack, is Syria. That is, Putin did not just show the Americans and Englishmen the Kuzka’s mother (“to teach someone a lesson”). He warned them that an impressive response would come for the attack on Syria.

This answer can sink aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf and can incinerate the bases where American planes fly from.

How and what will Russia respond to?

Some are convincing themselves and others that Russia will endure and will eat a humble pie. Others warn that America can lose its best weapons – carrier groups. And this is even in case if such a clash does not lead to a total nuclear war of superpowers.

This issue was discussed by Prime Minister Mae and President Trump. They condemned Russia and Syria for bombing eastern Ghouta and for using chemical weapons against civilians, they said. They also called Putin’s speech before the Russian Federal Assembly “irresponsible.” That is, in their opinion, Putin bluffs.

Will they risk the neglect of a possible Russian response?

There is gambling poker. Is the Russian player bluffing or is he ready to throw his trump cards on the table – that’s the question?
There is no answer to it.

Only the history that does not tolerate a subjunctive mood will answer it.

Article based on materials from the below sources: – Rostislav Ishchenko – Alexander Dubrovsky – Yisrael Shamir

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