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With the demise of Hillary the democrats are frantic they won’t have a new designate to pander  to.  Enter Elizabeth Warren with all the altruistic socialist diatribe a human being can garner.  They had eight years of Obama and empty rhetoric and they are seeking a new voice to mull the masses to sleep while they vote on that which they don’t read and then find out it doesn’t work.  Elizabeth Warren is the perfect Democratic choice.  She shrieks of inequality, envy and power lust .  These being the ingredients looked for in a Democratic candidate today , she fills the bill.

Her only reticence to running against Hillary was the notion of all Democrats that if one is chosen the homage must be given.  Even the most adamant Hillary haters in the Democratic Party understood this axiom.  Thus you saw Hillary’s primary opponent President Obama talk up the mantle on her behalf.  That message was clear to Elizabeth and she bowed out of the campaign laying the groundwork for 2020.

So what will the Democrats have when they champion this woman?  She’s not afraid to shout and demand so that should fit.  She is antibusiness, a hypocritical altruist, full of hair brain ideas and marked with academia parsing so that should also fit.  The Democrat’s don’t know it yet but she has no foreseeable competition.  There are no women on the horizon, Hillary will be to old and sick to try again, all the Democratic men would cow to a woman in a heart beat and the experience with Obama has wiped out any consideration for a minority candidate.  Although Elizabeth Warren does or did claim some native American blood.

If the Democrats thought Hillary was a tough sell ( they wouldn’t admit it though) Elizabeth Warren will be twice as divisive, more polarizing and her vicious tongue will turn off more voters than a CNN marathon.  Her recent “concern” with Ben Carson spending HUD money that would end up in Trump’s pocket was a good precursor to the kind of concerns she will unthinkingly spout.  Ask yourself, if you were a successful businessman and had made your fortune why would you even bother with skimming off HUD money?  The notion is silly and she only did it to demonstrate she is posturing as a protector of the public funds.  For a participant in a Congress that has spent the nation into 20 trillion in debt , such a champion has a distinct smell.  And the demand for President Trump to place all of his assets in blind trust.  Does she propose that all politicians place their assets in a blind trust?  This is only a vindictive move to do what all Democrats yearn to do i.e. tell someone else what to do.

The Democrats definitely yearn for a new leader of their party that will get them back into power to return to the old ways of corruption and collusion.  For that they need a loud voice but one that will confront the Republicans and by intimidation get them to accept they are not acting in the interest of the American people.  They now know that a vague message like the one Hillary touted won’t fly.  So where will they go?  We saw a sprinkling of the direction with the Bernie movement.  Elizabeth Warren is all for socialism so the message won’t be hard to articulate.  The problem is it simply won’t work and has centuries of failure to substantiate it.  But don’t think for a moment it won’t be used.  It may not be called out and out socialism but deception has always been a requirement for the ideas to be accepted. Free college, free healthcare, free everything except freedom to act on your own rationality.  Nothing will be mentioned about who will pay except tax increases will occur and someone will be forced to pay.  The free approach will only appeal to the naive which we saw followed the mythological rants of Bernie Sanders.

What then becomes of the Democratic Party after another rejection of socialism?  Will they come to their senses and realize that Socialism is dead or will they twist and turn to implement its ideas by subterfuge and conniving?  I suspect the latter.  Politicians primarily drift to altruism and socialism is the ultimate expression of altruism.  So unless they reject the premises of altruism they necessarily follow a  path that leads to socialism in some form and if continued to its logical conclusion, full blown communism.

This is of course is too deep for even a college professor so steeped in altruism and politics to rethink and reverse.  Like a car whose reverse gear is inoperable they can only go in the direction they have chosen.  I witnessed this with  the late Paul Samuelson who rejected any advocacy of capitalism even when confronted directly with its arguments and advantages.  I would certainly not expect a much lesser intellectual with a propensity to be a political wonk to revise her misguided neurons.

The primary drive for the Democrats is to win.  This drive will obliterate any logical argument that doesn’t directly address this obsession.  They would follow a raging rhino if they thought it would result in a return to power.  This is what power lust is all about and whatever platitudes you hear about looking out for the little guy or a concern with the “poor’ the bottom line is, put us in power and do as we say and all will be good.  It’s a scam and it keeps getting press and promotion .  It’s a lie and it has led ot the most horrendous  consequences in history.

It’s probably appropriate this cry for a warpath has emerged from a renegade with a claim to Indian heritage.  Who but a savage would want to return to a state of barbarism?


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