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The soul is sometimes pictured as a lotus blossom with a bright light radiating from the center.  In every human being, there is that lotus blossom flower. In some people that flower, their very soul is neglected and not watered properly, and the petals begin to turn brown and fall off.  No one comes to comfort them.  Sometimes the darkness of criticism and hatred keeps the flower from shining out to others.  Even today when there is light all around, we live in a period of dark criticism that allows that hatred to fester, blinding us to the light.

Sometimes accusations of bigotry and wrongdoing cloud the light that is there.  False accusations are made, and the good deeds go unacknowledged or even worse, lied about.  Sometimes the flower is stamped on and torn out by the roots, senselessly slaughtered, but their light will never be forgotten.  Sometimes the flower is sacrificed so that others can live in the light of freedom and liberty and on this day they will be honored and memorialized.

Sometimes the flower is hoarded for personal gain or selfish fear.  The flower wasn’t meant for the flower itself, but to share the light with others.  The flower is best, not in a single vase, but in a field with others. One simple thank you makes the others bloom. Are we dedicated to seeing the best, being thankful for the blessings we have, honoring those who are no longer with us, and taking time to smell the lotus blossom?

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