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In 2012 it was reported (and never disputed) that there were 20 million invalid registrations and about 2 million instances of people being registered in more than one state and/or precinct. It’s even worse in 2016 – especially since Obama openly encouraged illegals to vote.

And this doesn’t even include irregularities and glitches, like in Detroit where 37% of the precincts counted the votes more than once. (Funny how voting “irregularities” always seem to happen in Democrat areas)

Hillary got AT LEAST 3 million illegal votes; probably more like 10 million. She got obliterated in the election, as should have been easily predictable.

The most obvious, but most overlooked piece of evidence that this election wasn’t even close is the fact that Hillary was a terrible choice. Consider the following:

1. She is the most corrupt and scandal-ridden presidential candidate in history.

2. She is an unpleasant person and is totally unlikeable.

3. She was never going to get the numbers of Black votes Obama had.

4. She has no positive political accomplishments or qualifications to be president.

5. She barely won her primary, and probably stole it.

As for Trump: He got more primary votes than any Republican in modern times. He reached across traditional constituencies. He was not seen as an establishment insider like McCain and Romney were. And he has a track record of success.

Putting all of this together, the only way Hillary Clinton could have won is by cheating. The Democrats almost pulled it off, and they haven’t given up yet.

But don’t take my word for it: Let’s simply audit the election.

Review every single registration. If there’s a signature, then a vote was cast. This will definitively show that the small, concentrated areas where Hillary won correspond to the highest number of invalid and illegal registrations. And by this we’ll know that the Democrats received vast numbers of illegal and fraudulent votes – which is nothing new.

This is why they’re blaming Russian “hacking.” It’s merely distraction and defamation, which is all the Democrats have. The last thing they want is a full audit of this election. Which is exactly why we need it.


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