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Well, the election is over, the concession and acceptance speeches made and we’re all a little worn out yet our mood, (depending if your candidate won or not),is either ecstatic or sad.

But now just when people think “Okay, that’s done, now I can sit back and relax…” there’s no time for that. We must all put our shoulders to the wheel,(as it were), roll up our sleeves and get busy.

“Why me?” some may ask.

Well, we’ve just gone through one of the toughest elections, at least in my lifetime, and if we want to never go through what’s happened to America for the past 8+ years again we’re going to have to all work together to help our new President to undo what the current administration has done to attempt to wreck our Constitution, do our utmost to help to heal the rifts caused by that same leftwing ideology, and try to reeducate those who aren’t aware that the ideology they’ve been supporting is not true to the American founding.

It’s not an easy task.

As of today, the day after this election, there are still those protesting, and saying they won’t accept our new President elect even though both candidates have stated that it’s time to come together, to work together, and to put all the bad feelings aside for the sake of the unity badly needed in this country now.
Sadly there will always be a faction that wants to believe in the mythology generated by the extreme left and there’s no amount of education, talking, attempting to come together that will make them give up their belief in the “shame narrative” of America.

Protecting America from those who would do this to her again is, in this writer’s opinion, a moral imperative! Now that we’ve won what’s been called the “election trifecta” by retaining the House of Representatives and taking the Senate as well as winning the general election for President we must not forget what brought us to the brink of utter Constitutional disaster, how to recognize it’s signs and symptoms, and what actions must be taken to avert the wrong people and ideology from ever coming to power again.

It’s been a long hard 8+ years. It’s been actually psychologically damaging to our nation, not only because of the worst economic situation since the Great Depression and the problems caused by the Carter administration in the 70s, but because we’ve been pitted against one another by the leaders we were suppose to trust, and somehow the people, for a time, forgot that We The People are the government, felt helpless in the face of the attacks on our very American founding traditions, and were told we are not the exceptional nation we were taught to believe and were told to be ashamed to be American.

We cannot ever forget this era of our nation’s history. To do so would be courting another disaster as the saying goes “…those who forget history tend to repeat it…”.

We must learn as much as we can from this experience, remember it, and keep ever vigilant in our efforts to ensure that it never happens again.

This writer breathed easier today, but I absolutely know we’ve a lot of hard work ahead.

If we band together to get it done, keep a firm hold on our faith, truth, and love our fellow man, we’ll get through to success.

But we can never forget.

This is a moral imperative.

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