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Exercise is definitely important, both for your general health and for weight loss. And aerobic exercise is more important than strength building. Try to get your heart rate 25% above your resting heart rate for at least 15 minutes. The best place to do your aerobic exercise is outside, weather permitting. This gives you the added benefits of fresh air and sunshine (you body actually gets vitamins from sunlight on your skin).

But research shows that people who get plenty of exercise still get sick and many are overweight. In fact, a friend who trains marathoners and triathletes has told me that over a third of them are overweight! The most important factor for good health is eating in a healthy way. In a recent survey, 83% of Americans say they “try to eat healthily.” But one in three Americans is overweight or obese. One in four in America will have diabetes in their lifetimes. One in two American men, and one in three women, will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. Heart disease and cancer kill millions of Americans – and both are on the rise.

Let’s just look at the last two. Cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and stroke) and cancers of all kinds are the two leading causes of death in America. Guess what those were 100 years ago? Trauma and infections. What has changed? There have been dramatic shifts in the way we eat – and our food is killing us.

There are many things you can do immediately to start improving your health (and to help you lose weight if you need to). I will list just a few things that you can do very easily.

1) Stay away from fast foods. I don’t care if they have salads. The rest of the food is horrible – and the vegetables in their salads aren’t that good, either.

2) Don’t eat any refined or canned foods. When foods are refined, it basically means that the process removes most of the nutrients and introduce additives. If there are more than two items in the ingredient list, it’s no longer food. Canned foods are old mush. Most take months to get from the field to your table.

3) Eat whole foods – the way God made them. If there is more than one item on the label’s ingredients list, it’s no longer food.

4) Increase the amount of non-starchy vegetables in your diet. Greens and colorful vegetables are good. Potatoes, corn and other starchy vegetables aren’t.

5) Dramatically decrease the amount of grains you consume – particularly wheat. All grains today are genetically modified organisms (GMO), and wheat is the most genetically changed of all. The wheat your grandparents ate is as similar to the wheat today as you are to a chimpanzee.

6) Reduce or eliminate meat in your diet. “But aren’t chicken and fish better than the evil ‘red meat’?” Your body can’t tell any difference between different types of animal flesh. (The one you should definitely eliminate is pork, which the Bible says you should not eat because pigs are scavengers.) I find it really ironic that people avoid GMO foods, but eat animals and fish that are fed GMO grains. The only animal flesh you should eat is wild-caught fish, grass-fed beef or free-range chicken.

7) Drink water. Absolutely no sodas (diet soda is actually more dangerous than regular.) Never drink fruit juice – one glass has the sugar of 8 -10 pieces of the fruit. Consume fruit whole, as God gave it to us. Reduce or eliminate tea and coffee. Adam and Eve only drank water; we were designed that way.

As you can see I advocate for clean, whole food. The majority of what Americans eat is neither clean nor whole. But it makes the food manufacturers trillions. Whole foods are foods as God designed them. Clean foods don’t have added hormones, preservatives, or leftover pesticides.

The address of the two healthiest people who ever lived on earth was The Garden of Eden. They ate only vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries. No grains, and obviously no refined foods. And they drank only water. Obviously, this is the way our bodies were designed by the Creator.

This is just a small part of what you need to know. If you do the things I have mentioned above, you will go a long way down the path to better health. If you’d like to learn more, go to www.DrTom.TV and request the research materials I have discovered.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, or any other type of medical practitioner. My doctorate is in Theology. I have been a paramedic, worked in hospital emergency rooms, and took medical courses in college. But most of what I have learned has come from the Bible, and from independent research. And the majority of it is just common sense if you have ever studied the human body, instead of following the recommendations of the US Department af Agriculture.

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