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There’s always discomfort when one has been duped, and then is forced to realize it.  But better to get past the discomfort than to REMAIN duped.

The Syrian sarin gas use and Trump’s response are stark evidence, but the medicine was long overdue.  The duping has been an 8 year double edged sword:  Obama being repeatedly duped by world leaders, and then Obama/Hillary/et al duping a large portion of the American public (sometimes wittingly, sometimes unwittingly, the latter often being a result of the duping of our executive by other leaders, also often just a result of “not getting it.”)

And Susan Rice may be the epitome of the double-duper.  At times I feel sorry for her (and hope she’s being very well compensated) as the one Hill-Bama has trotted out to dupe the public, knowing that at least some would eventually realize they were being duped as truth can’t be hidden forever.  But then at other times, it’s hard to feel sorry for somebody who’s been chosen as the designated duper because they’re considered so good at it, the best below the elite Hill-Bama duping duo and with enough less personal skin in things to be willing to take the eventual heat upon dupe disclosure.  And yet, is it not insulting to think that so much of the public is looked down on by the Democrats, intellect-wise, to think that somebody already caught so many times as a multiple duper still has enough credibility with that public to be effective AGAIN as a duper? I mean, after being trotted out to all the talk shows the morning after Benghazi to insist on the lie that it was a result of a film and the subsequent unmasking of the lie, is this a spokesperson ANYBODY should listen to?  But apparently, plenty still do, as she’s still being trotted out there, still spouting the lies, and maybe it’s NOT insulting in the sense that some apparently still ARE buying it!

At this point, we may find out that there’s absolutely no limit to how dupable some people are.  A short couple months ago she was trotted out again to defend/promote Obama’s “legacy,” saying one of his very top accomplishments was successfully using diplomacy with Russia to orchestrate Syria’s relinquishing of all their chemical weapons.  I hate to use the LOL expression, but this may define its appropriateness. And then, 2 weeks ago claiming no knowledge of the Trump surveillance revelations, and now upon being caught in THAT lie confessing that, yeah, but what she did was fully righteous as part of her job!  But apparently CNN and the other “mainstream” (liberal duping) media are either so duped themselves or so confident of their duping ability with their audience that they’re still defending her!

This is not that surprising from the side of the administration that continually duped much of the public that they were being successful economically because unemployment was down and jobs were being created, when the jobs that were created were in large part crappy part time ones and unemployment was down because so many were out of work so long their benefits had  run out and thus were no longer being counted as part of the workforce.  And from the side that insisted the Iran “treaty” was a good thing.  And, going back a good way, think to Al Gore a couple decades ago, shortly after taking credit for the internet, insisting that climate change would have New York City underwater in the year 2015.  And continuing to the myriad baseless yet politically effective allegations against Republican candidates in the election and most every member of the current administration.

Hopefully the Syrian gas use will have as a silver lining the duping awareness revelation for even more of the American public.  Enough had already come around to that recognition that Hillary was not elected despite the greatest perfection ever of a duping machine, the DNC/media/Obama administration collusion. The pain of the de-duping is duo-fold: it’s never fun to realize you’ve been had, and the EFFECTS of being had can be terrifically bad.  Think of making a mistake that allows your financial identity to be stolen, a pretty serious duping… and then multiply the seriousness of that to the point of possible escalation to war level as the result of Obama’s international duping. And yet, unbelievably, after Trump sticks it to Syria and by extension to their shadow puppet operator Putin, they’re still there trying to say Trump is COLLUDING with the Russian bear!  Again, LOL.

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