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Draining the swamp isn’t quite so easy to do as it is to say.

The current cesspool of Washington D.C. has been fermenting for at least a generation, longer if you listen to Mark Twain or Will Rogers.

One of the things about draining a swamp is that the deeper you go, the bigger and nastier the critters get. Also, the law of physics dictates that water will seek the deepest holes to collect in, so, while you might see the muddy bottom here and there, you will still have those pools where the water has retreated, so you will have to adjust your technique.

One good thing, though, about the diminishing space other than making it harder for the critters to hide, is that it throws them together into an ever tightening space. They will start to turn on each other as they fight to survive. Popcorn is good for these times.

A lot of people have gotten impatient and are complaining that nothing is happening. Not true, so to help them see what’s going on, here’s a compiled list of what IS happening. It is a general list and no guarantees are made for its completeness, but it DOES show the trend:


*Jim Rybicki—fired

*Andrew McCabe—fired

*James Comey—fired

*James Baker—fired (not resigned)

*Lisa Page– fired (not resigned)

*Mike Kortan—fired

*Josh Campbell—fired

*Peter Strzok—reassigned

*Bill Priestap—administrative leave

This is a large portion of their 7th floor (leadership)


*Daniel Laufman—fired

*John Carlen—fired

*Sally Yates—fired

*Mary McCord—fired

*Rachel Brand—fired

*Bruce Ohr—demoted 2x

State Dept.

Over two dozen fired by Tillerson, at least that may more resigned.

This represents almost the entirety of their 7th floor. No word on

any moves by Pompeo.


*Al Franken-D—resigned

*Thad Cochran-R—resigned

*John McCain-R—not running for re-election

House of Reps

*Jason Chaffetz-R—resigned

*John Conyers-D—resigned

*Trent Franks-R—resigned

*Blake Farenthod-R—resigned

Pat Tibiri-R—resigned

*Pat Meehan-R—not running for re-election

*Ruben Kihuen-D–not running for re-election

*Trey Gowdy-R–not running for re-election

*Paul Ryan-R–not running for re-election

Make what you will of this list and its contents, but the swamp IS draining! We just need more time, more plungers, and some industrial strength Drano. One more thing about draining a swamp. It stirs up a big stink!

Here is a link you might be interested in checking out:

We’ve Never Seen Congressional Resignations Like This Before

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