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The fabricated Democrat assault on Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation, calls for “kicking” their opponents, attempts to rile their “faithful” to kill Republicans, ranting tirades exhorting their followers to mob up and “get in the face” of any member of the Trump administration they see, the repeated lying about fabricated claims of sexual misconduct while ignoring the perverted actions of their own leaders, have all been bad enough. But when these actions fail to achieve their objectives, desperate Democrats double down on stupid, refuse to stop, and turn up the rhetoric beyond any pretense of civility.

What is the objective? As Nancy Pelosi indicated by advocating mob violence, they want Leftist mobs to intimidate and suppress the free speech of their opponents. After all, there is an election coming, and winning elections is everything because power means everything to the Left.

Conveniently not shown by their “news” media propaganda wing, videos show mobs of masked Leftist warriors beating, intimidating, damaging public and private property, and otherwise acting as lawless mobs who Leftists claim are “demonstrators” and “protestors” but who are nothing short of rioting politically-motivated and encouraged mobs.

It is important to always keep in mind that when Progressive Leftist’s speak, they will lie repeatedly to achieve their objective because they are not governed by any sense of civility or decency and their entire political philosophy is built on a lie. They cannot engage truthfully, because they will lose every honest debate they attempt. So they lie because they are governed by only one objective, the acquisition and holding of supreme power, and motivated by only one credo, “the end justifies the means.”

When their fabricated Kavanaugh assault failed in its objective, what did they do? Accept the result gracefully (as Republicans do)? No, they doubled down on stupid and ramped up the “resistance” by encouraging their mercenaries to even more aggressive fits of rage.

The Democrats of the pre-1960 era are gone. Those were the days when most Democrats followed the long tradition of civil dissent and compromise. They were times when a Democrat would not become unhinged at every lost vote or debate. Those Democrats are dead and buried.

Beginning with the Vietnam War protests and LBJ’s plan to put Black Americans on welfare in an urban Democrat voter plantation where conditions were maintained to keep Blacks in poverty so they became dependent on public welfare and could reliably be counted on to vote Democrat, the Progressive Left has done everything in its power to chain Black Americans to an acceptance of a servitude to Democrat politicians in exchange for public housing, food stamps, substandard public schools, and a welfare check.

Democrats fostered “politically correct” speech and in heavily urban corrupt Democrat controlled areas have even encoded “hate speech” laws to force a compliant political correctness on public speech. This is nothing short of an assault on free speech to cut down on dissent. “Hate speech” has been carefully tuned to prevent the free and open discussion of ideas.

Progressive Leftists have infested our public education system from elementary school through university. For students to emerge unscathed, they must have good family guidance, a strong faith, and a native intellect that shields them from more than a decade of propagandizing by the “education wing” of the Leftist Progressive Democrat movement.

When Donald J. Trump was elected President, the Democrat establishment and their shadow groups became unhinged. Acting as arrested-development cranky children, they pout, they shout, they chant, they throw tantrums, and now they collect as mobs to riot and assault others because they cannot control their urges to incivility. They are seen online with baseless silly comments they cannot support rationally, with lunatic tweets that sometimes include urges to violence and death, with mounting civil disobedience that threatens to at some point in the near future lead to multiple deaths.

All this is happening at the behest of the corrupt intellectually bankrupt leadership of the Democrat Party who have shed all pretense to being civil, lawful, constrained by reality and supportive of our Constitutional Republic where power is reserved to the People!

Today’s Democrat Party is all about power over others, the concentration of political and social power in the hands of a few in Washinton, DC, who will dictate to the nation every politically correct facet of life. What to eat, how to dress, what can be discussed, where to congregate and for what purpose, with whom to congregate, what religion is allowable, whether the right to self-defense is permitted… this is the future that Progressivism wants and Democrat leaders promote. It is also a mirror of past life in the Soviet Union.

A simple test. When was the last time you heard Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer deliver any speech that was not chock full of lies and distortions? Certainly, no “Millenial” has ever heard a Schumer utterance that wasn’t founded in deceit and laced with lies.

No, you will not hear voices of reason or civility coming from Leftist Progressive Democrats who lie about what is going on, claiming the actions of Tea Party groups were the equivalent of the Leftist Fascist ANTIFA and various “Black Lives” offshoots that constitute the militant wing of the Leftist Progressive Democrat movement, a movement fostered on false premises, nurtured by violent rhetoric, and culminated in seditious acts of violence.

Recall when the Tea Party had a massive gathering in Washington, DC? Not one act of violence, hatred, incivility, or “in your face” aggression to others. According to Park Service police, the grounds of the Mall were left cleaner than when the Tea Party members arrived. Contrast that with the filth left behind by any of these Leftist mobs when they gather to “protest.”

Voters cannot allow doubling down on stupid to win more power for the Left. Voters must turn out in droves to offset the illegals who have registered as Democrats, the misguided enthusiasm of young voters who’ve been schooled in propaganda nurtured by a corrupt Leftist news media, and the indubitable systemic vote fraud that Democrats have institutionalized across the nation over many decades to assure an unfair advantage in every major election.

Whether you are a Republican, a disaffected Democrat, or an outraged Independent, it is not only your duty, it has become an obligation for you to vote if you’ve registered. The choice is simple. You either vote to support mayhem, incivility, political correctness, creeping socialism, loss of human rights, open borders, corruption, and approval of the tactics of the Leftist Progressives’ mobs, or you vote for civility, economic strength and independence, decency, opportunity, open and free debate, border security, honesty, and the rule of law.

The choice is yours. Which future do you really want?

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