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When I heard the news that Kanye West was supporting Candace Owens and by proxy President Trump I was a little more than shocked. The only Kanye West I knew was a P.O.S. who had to ruin a young singers moment in the sun because he didn’t like the outcome of an awards presentation. It was one of the most classless things I ever seen and I’m very surprised the security didn’t remove him from the stage. The next day and for quite some time after that event West proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was quite full of himself.

Maybe I’m having another Mandela moment but didn’t this self absorbed freak show say he wanted to run for president a couple of years ago? I’m pretty sure he did (unless the buds I’m smoking are a lot better than I thought).

Suddenly Kanye West is the darling of the conservative movement ….. Trumps movement?

Then there’s the Candace (Red Pill Black) Owens issue. First let’s not forget that she was an SJW and wanted to farm peoples personal information to use against them. You might recall a YouTube celebrity by the name of Tree of Logic going off on little miss Red Pill Black a few weeks back warning us all that she is not who she claims to be. Bear in mind Tree is a retired police officer and pretty good at sizing people up. Why would Kanye West choose defending Ms. Owens as his “coming out” stand?

Perhaps the reason West is leaning right is because he’s smart enough to know that the Democrats aren’t going to be putting up another Black man any time soon. They tried that already with disastrous results. It may be decades before the DNC fully recovers from 8 years of Barack Obama so if you wanna be president which side will you go with?

Right now, while the right is desperately trying to win over minority voters, is the perfect time for Blacks and Hispanics to get in early and try to grab the gold ring before large blocks of Hispanics and Blacks begin to trickle over to the right after seeing the results of the Obama Regime compared to what Trump has already accomplished. Those Black and Hispanics who lead the way to this eventual exodus have the opportunity to acquire enormous power.

The question is, will those who eventually attain power be voices for conservatives or simply RINO’s taking advantage of a power void.

Democrats got suckered into a relationship with a charismatic Black man who, and the final result has yet to be seen, at the very least brought the DNC to the brink of disaster and turned the party into a subversive stain in American politics. Kanye West has shown conservatives that we are just as vulnerable today as Democrats were in 2008.

Don’t let history repeat itself.

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