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Oprah Winfrey got up on stage at some Hollywood narcissist party where Hollywood gives trophy’s to Hollywood. How wonderful. I wonder how many of the people in the audience looked under their seats for the keys to a new car compliments of the multi millionaire.

In the tone and cadence of a politician who is seeking election Oprah Winfrey shouted from the rooftop about a new age where women are empowered and of course …. patriarchy. As if women in general didn’t do enough damage to our nation by supporting Obama in 2 elections. Yes ladies it was you. Statistics don’t lie but women do.

Someone please explain to me how Oprah Winfrey could have worked in the entertainment industry for decades and not know about Harvey Weinstein or Al Franken or any of the other men in HER industry who abused women. She’s supposed to be smart right? Certainly smart enough to make billions of dollars in a country that apparently has oppressed her.

Let’s be clear here. Oprah knew exactly what was going on and for decades kept quiet about it just like Meryl Streep who also knew for decades and remained silent. While women were accosted every single day in the entertainment industry, Winfrey chose to look the other way and women continued to get abused while Winfrey refused to use her celebrity status to expose the truth. I guess as opposed to the women Hollywood was abusing, Winfrey had too much to lose to be sticking her neck out for a bunch of mostly White sluts.

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None of this would have ever come to light if it wasn’t for Donald Trump directing his DoJ from day one to go after child pedophile rings most of which were centered in California (although there were several arrests made across the nation). It wasn’t until these starlets realized that the federal government would be there for them that they started coming out about their abuse. It wasn’t Oprah, it wasn’t Meryl, it wasn’t the Democrats, it was a Republic president who saved these women.

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Oprah also told a story about a Black woman who had been raped and killed as if this was some kind of common occurrence. Given the F.B.I.’s statistics on rape I am simply amazed that she was able to find any example of such an act as the F.B.I. contends that statistically Black women are raped by White men near 0% of the time. What Oprah failed to mention is that Black men rape White women more than 100 times every single day. Does this sound like someone who is being honest with you or someone who is trying to deceive you?

So before anyone starts putting Oprah Winfrey on a pedestal for women’s right let’s also not forget that she did nothing about powerful men abusing Hollywood’s actors and actresses (yeah that’s right no one gives a crap about the men who were sexually pressured and raped). Worse she lied implying that White men are the ones guilty of interracial rape when the real truth is that it is Black men who do almost all of this kind of raping.

Oprah Winfrey isn’t anyone’s hero she is an opportunist who is trying to usurp the credit that rightly belongs to President Trump in an obvious attempt to set herself up as a presidential candidate in the future.

A new day is on the horizon Oprah and you didn’t usher it in Donald Trump did.

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Patrick McCarthy

Retired RCR (registered commodities representative). Conservative. Editor of The Trump News Network


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