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As the United States continues on its path of turning morality and good sense on its head courtesy of a government that is out of touch with We The People and reality, lets speak to motivations. As a young man growing up I learned lessons at the hands of my parents and my sister and her Baptist Pastor husband, reinforced with a rarely used belt. Yes my friends I have been a victim of good parenting, rules and regulations, punishments, reward and love. And of this last point I am absolutely certain. I chose a path at times that put me in conflict with the authority that God had placed over me and expected me to obey. I was punished when I did wrong and I was rewarded when I did right. In all of these things I knew that I was loved.
It is of not just passing interest to me that there are those in America today who feel that they are owed something by virtue of the fact that they breathe and expel air and should be expected to do little more than that. These same folks will loudly clamor to gain more with the same expectation of rightness and without regard to any societal expectation that they work for what they are given. I’m going to suggest here that good parenting may have altered that view of reality. Note the “may” in the preceding assumption. If we were to believe the book written for our instruction and correction we would find a small section that suggests that “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”. Wow, what a base to start from.
Is it any wonder then if we start from of base of deceit and wickedness that our attitudes just might be a little out of line or off base? Could it be that a driving force in the heart of a man or woman that wants stuff without the expectation of having to earn it, that has grown over time to learn that demanding and intimidating to back up the demand will one day be confronted by that most evil of words – NO. A child responds to the negative by getting louder and demanding more until they realize that their efforts are yielding nothing and the punishment for their audacity descends upon them. We don’t reward bad behavior unless we are government.
The islamists are like children driven by their desires to demand. All they want is everything that we are and we have, but without the effort it took for us to get there. Do we reward their bad behavior? Do we tolerate their murderous, thuggish, sexist and perverse ways by giving in to them? Not if we believe that we have a just society and an obligation to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, His ways and His wisdom. We are blessed because of our obedience to the tenets of Gods grace. As we depart from His ways we endanger our futures and that of our children and the generations to come. When our “cup of iniquity is full”, God may allow judgement to fall on us for our sin. I pray that evil will not prevail and that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will accept our repentance and turning from our wicked ways and indeed heal our land.

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