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The following opinion is my own, though the resources for it spreads over many authors, commentators and just plain common ‘taters” such as myself!

There is no doubt evolutionary biologists have contributed greatly to the understanding or our world!   My favorite of course, being Darwin!     The search for a correlation between God and evolution was and is, an ongoing struggle!   Especially, a Christian and firm believer in a Divine Creator like me!   To say that evolution is an undisputed fact is biased and NOT based on TRUTH!   Only theory!   Even Darwin admitted there were questions he never found answers for and found the theory of natural selection closer to the truth!   he had no experience in genetics, cell biology, molecular biology or biochemistry!   If he HAD he would have known the complexity of a living cell and of life itself in a way he could never have imagined!   A cell is loaded with systems that are irreducibly complex which evolution CANNOT produce!   If all the parts are needed to make it work, then a system is irreducibly complex!

Natural selection can only choose systems that are already working!   So, if a biological system cannot be produced gradually, it would have to be an integrated unit in one part for natural selection to work!   The only ones that would use a more direct strategy are those that reject any thought or suggestion of evolution at all!   They reject evolutionary biology, period!    Mutation and natural selection?   Those who have studied the interlocking biochemical complexity of the re-evolved lactose system would be awed with the intelligence of its design!   How ingenious of God to make it thus!

Like car manufacturers refusing to make interchangeable parts for their automobiles!  IE:   Try putting a BMW motor in a Chevy!   The back-lash of evolution is to be filled with hostility, acid reaction to those who DARE question the role of science over an unseen God!    The worst reaction of evolution is; the TOTAL deniable possibility of anything spiritual or religious possibly being involved in creation!   A battle-line (pink, not red) is IF we believe in total evolution, where did the ethical, moral, and legal emotions evolve from?   In a truly remarkable and ironic way, it cannot be explained!   Evolution is not really about science!   It’s an ideology of “belief, power, and social control!   It could never meet the values of spirituality, a Divine Creator, principles, integrity, and decency!   If Christianity and faith is just a behavioral result of evolution, couldn’t the LACK of it in some people be a quirk of the disrupted evolution process?

I will concede that my distant (FAR distant) relatives MAY have hung from a tree by their tails!   But I will NEVER give up my faith in a higher power than my own, my loving, compassionate, forgiving, and merciful GOD!

Who created the Heavens, earth, and every living breathing soul within it, by “seed or deed”!   Including my five times removed “Uncle” who STILL went ape occasionally and LOVED bananas!   So does my family now!    Some habits are just hard to break!

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