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Donald Trump has once again excited the entire news cycle with his comments regarding the United States district court judge, Gonzalo Curiel. The Mexican heritage of Curiel, Trump claims, renders him to be not impartial in overseeing the Trump University lawsuit case. Trump has promised the American voter that, if he becomes president, he will build a wall to help stop illegal immigration from Mexico. The extreme un-favorability that this proposal has aroused with liberals in general, and with all radical Mexican groups within the United States has affected even Curiel, according to Trump.

Trump’s outspokenness has rattled even so-called “conservatives” such as Newt Gingrich. Gingrich was quick to say that this stance was a huge mistake for Trump. Setting aside the fact that Curiel is indeed a member of an attorney’s group called La Raza Lawyers of San Diego which has a direct link to the communist-leaning National Council of La Raza on its website, I am asking “What is Trump’s Sin in This?”

The fundamental doctrine which underlies the entire American liberal way of thinking is that there is “systemic racism” built into our entire culture. And the reason it is in our “system” is because it is engrained in our thinking, too. We are expected to accept, believe, and act on the “fact” that “racial” preferences or “racial” prejudices underlie the way we behave in every area. This doctrine, however, is only understood, but never given a voice.

Consider prison populations, for example. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics almost 3% of black males of the United States were imprisoned at the end of 2013 compared with only 0.5% of white males. The Center for American Progress, a liberal think-tank, claims that people of color make up only 30% of our United States population but comprise 60% of the prison population. It is insisted that this “racial disparity” that is “inherent in our justice system” must be eliminated. This would be “racial justice.”

All discussion as to why these statistics are true begins with the assumption of “systemic racism”—that it is the result of racial bias in our white-controlled system. But what must never be considered, mentioned, or even breathed– is the suggestion that we have various minority sub-cultures in our society which, for one reason or another, foster lawlessness.

Political correctness, aka liberalism, demands that we begin with the assumption that disparities such as the above be assumed to have root in prejudice among the majority population. When blacks are being tried in a courtroom, our cultural leaders insist that we must have blacks on the jury. Otherwise, no fair trial.

For this same reason we maintain racial quotas in hiring, in the military leadership, in admission policies at the University level. So pervasive is this unspoken word that it has seeped down to the local school systems where principals are ordered by school districts to STOP sending minorities to separate facilities because of classroom disruptions. Teachers are expected to remain mute to the underlying accusation that they punish minority children in the school system because they are prejudiced—not because these children have truly disrupted the classroom. All are meekly and obediently to accept the belief that races have built within their own thinking a favorability or un-favorability toward racial differences.

So, what is Donald Trump’s sin that has unsettled everyone? He just spoke out loud what no one else dares to say. The Emperor has no clothes as he marches down the parade route and all are expected to smile and accept what he has been told—that his garments are glorious. Trump is like the boy who spoke the obvious but what was to remain unspoken—the Emperor is naked.


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