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Democrats try to make their polls depicting President Trump as “the most unpopular president ever” significant.  Leftists war on America to keep the people from recovering from the destruction wrought by Obama.


The first problem with the media is the rush to be the first to report a story.  90% of the time the first reports contain incorrect facts.  But the leftwing media, rather than correct their errors, perpetuate them.  Case in point their Michael Brown “Hands up, don’t shoot” meme which turned out to be pure propaganda.  It takes a week to get most all the facts of a story correct.  Instant media is more like the gossip column living by Mark Twain’s axiom;

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

The second problem with the media is that they are in bed with the Left.  Over 90% of the media is Democrat controlled propaganda and write negative stories about anything and everything regarding the Trump presidency.  For example, Democrats say they will shut down the government if Trump doesn’t do what they want.  This is a false threat as only the President can shut down the government as proven by Clinton and Obama who both blamed the Republican majorities.  But even a congressional majority cannot shut down the government.  The Democrat minority in Congress has the power to shut down nothing because the majority is still working.  Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t shut down the government by himself as Obama claimed.  That was Obama’s sole doing.  That is under the executive’s sole control.  Clinton shut down the government in ’95 to keep from having to sign the Republican Congress of Speaker Newt Gingrich’s balanced budget and welfare reform.  Obama shut down the government in 2013 to screw over Republicans who wanted to defund ObamaCare.  Democrats have no power to shut down the government over funding the wall because Republicans have the votes and the presidency.

The media, which is all on the side of the Democrats, perpetuates this falsehood as if it was possible just as they perpetuate the lie that CO2 is killing the planet and, of course, blames the Republicans and President Trump.  What President Trump has accomplished in his first 100 days has largely gone unreported by the Left.  His dismantling of Obama’s Executive Orders shutting down coal and oil and border patrols has mostly occurred without the majority of people noticing.  His efforts to battle terrorism have been largely thwarted by leftwing activist judges making law against the law by which the president abides.  What the people have heard most is about Russian collusion to steal the election and xenophobic bans.  What they didn’t hear was all the evidence that Obama was illegally surveilling the Trump campaign and how much Islamists have perpetrated terrorism in the U.S. and around the world.  They didn’t hear that the leftwing judges stopping Trump’s EOs was not upholding law, but violating it.

Katrina Pierson gives realistic analysis of Trump’s first 100 days

The people give President Trump high marks on fighting terrorism, jobs and the economy, but low marks on healthcare, climate change, and “draining the swamp.”  In his campaign, Trump promised to crush the Jihad, protect our borders, and unchain businesses.  His opponents complain he has not mastered dealing with Washington bureaucrats and “pulling the levers of power,’ and is too easily distracted.  To which Katrina Pierson replied, “But to be fair, some of those distractions are manufactured by the Left.  There are a bunch of Obama holdovers.  There are judges with their activism at the bench.  But we’re talking about the first one hundred days, for crying out loud.  We did not get in this mess in one hundred days.  We’re not gonna get out of this mess in one hundred days.”

In contrast to what President Trump has done, Mr. Obama began his tenure by shoving ObamaCare taxes down America’s throats and then declaring he lowered taxes.  The result of this was the loss of the Ted Kennedy seat in 2010 to a Republican in deep blue Massachusetts to break the Democrat Supermajority so that no more such laws could be forcibly passed against the will of the people.  Obama’s campaign promise, to get government spending waste under control when he called President Bush’s adding $5T to the National Debt “unpatriotic,” was proven an utter lie as he instead added another whopping $10T himself!  He gave taxpayer money away to deadbeats and foreigners while putting a chokehold on American business.  Now President Trump is engaged in battle with the Washington Establishment to put a stop to their incessant and growing corruption and all of them, both Democrat and Republican alike, are against him.  Democrats flood the zone with lie after lie about Trump to keep the people ignorant, angry, and misinformed, while Republicans want to keep taxes high so they can now profit as Democrats have for the last eight years.


The first thing socialist dictators do to control the people is to take over the healthcare system.  Only those who serve the party receive good benefits.  The repeal of ObamaCare and its debilitating taxes and regulations is going badly because corrupt government profits from it.  Trump has expressed his own belief that Single-payer would be beneficial.  Like Social Security it seems beneficial in theory with the entire nation pooling their money for all.  But in practice it is a vehicle by which Democrats take more from the Middle Class than they give back.  Social Security would have been great if it had remained an untouchable fund.  But Democrats began dipping into that fund in 1968 to give money to their cronies rather than preserve that money for those who paid into it.  The same thing with Medicare, welfare, etc., all of which pay back to the people pennies on the taxpayer dollar.  Government is designed to provide protective services and make laws by which people live free of crime and corruption, not handle their money for them.  If government makes a law declaring that everyone must be insured and must save toward their retirement it’s one thing because they can keep insurance companies and banks from scamming the people.  But when government takes that money then greedy politicians cannot but help themselves to a piece of it until they’re taking half the pie there is no one to stop the corruption except the voters who are deliberately kept ignorant.  And when it comes to savings, problems always come when people plan for years of plenty when the economy is booming without preparing for years of famine when the economy goes bust.  The Middle Class has been hit with a double whammy the past few years with taxes going up and ObamaCare premiums skyrocketing.  The federal government is reporting record revenues despite the country being in economic malaise the past eight years.

American Jihad – Vote Fascism or Die!

Global Warming

The Chicken Little Climate Change Scam is designed purely to enhance socialist cronyism and enable Democrats to funnel taxpayer money to their friends who fund their campaigns.  That President Trump’s son-in-law wants to perpetuate this myth that mankind can kill the planet, or in any way make it worse, is as bad as having generals who don’t recognize the war with Islam.  The climate is going to change and mankind has no control or influence over it despite all the leftist claims that they can prove it.  All of their science has been junk science, which is why they treat it like the New Inquisition to punish “unbelievers.”

Refuting global warming science is elementary

Islam and the Jihad

President Trump understands that Islam is the foundation of the Jihad that perpetrates terror attacks.  But what about his National Security Advisor Gen. McMasters who replaced Gen. Flynn, and his Secretary of Defense Gen. Mattis, who have both parroted the Obama line that ISIS is not part of Islam?  How can they advise him wisely if they do not understand their enemy?  Islamists do not want to become Americans, but to subvert and overthrow the Constitution to impose Sharia Islam on all the people of the world.  Until the West recognizes this basic truth then the innocent will continue to be murdered and terrorized.  Allowing more Moslems into the West is not the solution, but the root of the problem, and ejecting them, just as ejecting illegals that sneak into America to steal jobs and not pay taxes, is the only solution.

Islamo-Nazis and Communists DO NOT belong in AMERICA!

America’s future

America is in the gravest danger of her existence since the War of 1812.  As Rush Limbaugh said, “Democrats haven’t been this mad since Republicans took their slaves away.”  The people who wanted to keep slavery in the Constitution now want to overthrow the Constitution so they can establish socialist tyranny over the people.  The Left believes that totalitarianism establishing a ruling elite over a subject populace is the best form of government.  Socialism, Islamism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Marxism, all adhere to those tenets.  Democracies always fail and devolve into totalitarian rule as the mob is corrupted.  Even the greatest republic in history, Rome, eventually fell to internal corruption.  But that took several hundred years.  Today’s world moves at a much faster pace and the media has assisted in keeping the masses ignorant and divided.  Education is the key to reclaiming America, but that system has been corrupted by the Left and does not teach American history.  They teach that socialism is good and fair and right and that Islam is peace.  They teach that capitalism and Christianity are corrupt and greedy.  They do not teach the truth about the hundreds of millions who have died beneath the boot of socialism and the Jihad.  They focus on the few that were persecuted by a corrupted Church, and the greedy few who steal from the people.  The Right strives to root out corruption, but it will never have a chance to do so when America’s children are taught that leftist’s corruption is righteous.

Newt Gingrich analyzes Trump’s 100 days on Fox & Friends

Trump has “blown up conservative media”

Millennials are lost in the wilderness of Democrat media propaganda

The greatest example of how opposite leftwing media reporting is to how Americans feel is exemplified in a poll that says Donald Trump is the most unpopular president in all of history at the end of his “honeymoon” period.  But at the same time the poll shows that in a new election Trump would not only stomp Hillary but take the popular vote as well!  The leftist media constantly runs diatribes against Trump as a liar when all he does is exaggerate, while at the same time covering up the lies of Obama & Co.  The fools believe that if they flood the zone with their hatred for Trump that they can shape public opinion.  But they are finding that Americans are becoming wise to them as their actions become more blatantly obvious.  Fewer people have faith in the media than they do in the president or Congress and the people realizing that those in media have an agenda they are pushing through propaganda rather than telling the truth is the beginning of wisdom for Millennials.

Depressed Democrats Twist Polls Showing Trump Would Win Popular Vote in Rematch with Hillary

Democrats trying to declare Trump presidency DOA

Islamic Jihadi Terrorism – Death by a Thousand Cuts

Fighting Fascism – the war with the Left for America’s Soul

Important lessons for Americans;

Lessons from ‘Arrow’ for Washington and America

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

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