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So we watch and listen to Donald Trump do a speech, not one filled with opportunity, or optimism, but one filled with Hillary this and Hillary that.

So again, we see that Donald has nothing to offer except trying to destroy his competition, whether honestly or dishonestly. The words are no new plans, no new opportunities to expand the workforce, just more hate filled rhetoric by a man who gave $100,000s of dollars to Hillary and Bill throughout history.

“We have to make America rich again.” Spoken by Donald, but does he not mean that it is time to make Donald rich again. Donald still spews out that he has a business net worth of over 10 billion dollars, but no one can find it. Mark Cuban speaks of the lies, and ignorance of Trump and Cuban is a billionaire.  Donald wants to make sure that TPP is never passed, and #Trump wants to make

products in America. Will he be doing the same with all his products?

As Trump spoke of the “Clinton cash” book, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is highlighting a new interview with “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer as proof that his upcoming book is nothing more than a partisan smear.

“By finally admitting that he omitted key details and has no direct evidence, the author of ‘Clinton Cash’ just confirmed what many media reports had already made clear.” Clinton campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin told Business Insider on Sunday, “‘Clinton Cash’ is nothing more than a tangled web of conspiracy theories backed by no actual evidence.” There again shows the inability of Trump, or any of his surrogates to vet even one single, simple book, and cannot give fact over fiction.

While we watch this poorly articulated speech, we see that there is nothing of value, or new, but just talking points that Donald had some secretary put together so he could spew all his hatred in one speech. Trump mostly sticking to notes here (not too much ad-libbing.) But how long will “Trump 2.0” last once he’s off-prompter, and back at a rally?
His kids being in the front row of this speech keep screaming and cheering because he has no one else who would cheer for his dull boring speech. Donald and his children, who were brought up by nannies and their mothers, not Donald have forgotten that everyone knows all of the great comments about Hillary, and knows of all the money given to Hillary. Now he believes he can bash her, and it will be an effective speech.
This speech would have gotten no response if Donald did not have his kids there, and pundits who are not easily fooled by tactics of the television host would rate this speech another failure. Why do we Americans need to accept this as our option for President if we will not vote for Hillary? We don’t, and we need to stand up and demand better. Donald tries to sell himself as a Republican as he spews hatred for conservatives. IF he does not need us, then why court us? Donald is no Christian, in the description that the Bible describes, nor is he a servant leader. Donald never speaks of the Constitution, but of what he will do. This speech is a blowhard spectacle with making America safe again, make America rich again? But what is the plan to do these things?
Are you tired of just attacks, and want substance? Are you in need of plans and not rhetoric? Then this speech just gave more of the same, and will not sway anyone to jump on the failing Trump Train. Again millions of Christian Constitutional Conservatives have no representation in the Presidential Election.

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