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“ …. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools… ”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

We have become a very diverse Nation due to the unheralded amount of Immigrants that have come across our borders in the past few decades legally, illegally, and undocumented. It has been almost impossible to control this huge influx. The increase was more than the current system has been able to handle.

Immigrants must register, and they are given a court date to return and continue the process of legally entering our Country. Of course, this is dependent on their honesty in returning to court.

This has always been rather absurd to me. What ensures that any of these will return on their court date. Those that do are more than welcome as they are showing honesty in their desire to stay and live under our system of Law, our customs, and rights and values. Those who do not return show disdain for our Laws, and total arrogance. This segment of immigrates has succeeded in making it extremely difficult for those who follow the procedure legitimately and honestly.

The Republican side of our Government has been trying for some time to remedy this situation. But the Democratic side is blocking all efforts to update and modernize the Immigration System. Why????? Well, this is where this particular Party derives its votes and consequently power.

For several years the Democratic Party has been very hypocritical and dishonest when communicating to the American People. This can be verified if their voting records are compared to the words and promises spoken, which have been shown in and by the Media (print and TV).

Congress is to blame for most of this, as a quiet and slow transformation has been going on over the past 60 years, to a more bureaucratic entity, which would be a large Government, with several departments staffed with non-elected officials. As appointed officials, they would be under the control of the Party that appointed them.

The system of Capitalism that the Republican Party embraces, would become powerless and non-existent if this transformation became successful; basically, overriding the long-lasting Constitutional Law “… Government by the people and for the people …. “. Your vote would be meaningless and void!

It is my opinion that this was enhanced under the leadership of Lyndon B.  Johnson (D) of Texas.

Senator Johnson was a strong and powerful leader while serving in the Legislature, and a very persuasive man.  His opponent, for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, was a young and popular Senator (John F. Kennedy (D), from the State of Massachusetts,

Kennedy defeated Johnson for the Nomination and then went on to win the Presidential Election. It is my further opinion that President Kennedy was the last TRUE Democrat to serve in the Oval Office. This loss was not taken lightly by then-Senator Johnson.

After serving just one thousand (1000) days in the Oval Office, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The controversy surrounding the assassination has continued to this day. In my opinion, the Warren report, submitted after a very lengthy investigation, was entirely too lengthy. Much like an alibi that becomes too wordy as it goes on. Many have put the blame on our CIA and the Democratic Leadership under then Vice President Lyndon Johnson.

John Kennedy and his brother Robert did not want Lyndon Johnson as the Candidate for Vice President. But they eventually caved under the pressure of their Party.

To back up just a tad, let me explain my opinion. The Democrats, who hail mostly from the South, have never really accepted desegregation. Publicly they have touted Civil Rights, claiming to be the Party of the Working Man, and supporter of the free Slavery movement. If one should check the voting records of Congress, for probably the past 70 years, it would be obvious that they did not follow their public persona with their Legislative vote. The Civil Rights Movement, started in the ’60s with Rev. Martin Luther King, was systematically and quietly down-graded, especially after the assassination of Rev. King in April 1968, and then a few months later, the movement also lost the leadership of Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated in June of 1968.
Our Government has slowly morphed into a non-political body in many ways; our Republic was handed down to us by our Founders, who worked so diligently and voluntarily to give us a lasting and fair Government; and it is firmly my belief that this movement away from the concept of a Republic, took hold under Pres. Johnson. Let us remember it was under President Johnson that our Social Security System was disheveled, and the “entitlement issue” was perpetrated by a ruthless and hypocritical Democratic Party. The struggle between the two major Parties and members of other Parties in Congress has continued all through the years and brings us to the present day of a very strong Liberal movement, which I will address in my next article.

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