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Donald Trump has never broken a campaign promise. And he never will. How soon could he break a campaign promise if it were possible for him to do so? It would be on Inauguration Day, Friday, January 20, 2017. While Obama’s clock is ticking, the clock for Trump has not yet started ticking. That’s the first proof Trump has never broken a campaign promise. Until he holds public office he cannot break a campaign promise, even if he really, really wanted to.

There’s another problem with anyone making the accusation Trump has broken his campaign promises. It takes a politician, or someone hopeful of becoming a politician, to make a campaign promise. Trump is not a politician. Nor has he ever expressed intent to become one. Until he should become a politician or aspire to that which he considers a low profession, he will never make a campaign promise.

What can be said is Trump has made product representations much like a new or used car salesman makes when he barters with a prospective customer who is trying to bring down the price of a sleek looking automobile. In this Trump illustration little or no difference exists between the auto and the salesman. The salesman and his product are one and the same. But on a car lot, while a salesman can be said to be selling himself as he sells the car to the customer, only the car goes home with the customer.

The salesman makes representations about the car knowing full well there are occasional lemons, unforeseen mechanical breakdowns, and all sorts of reasons why a customer’s experience will differ from the vehicle’s advertised miles per gallon rating. The customer also knows this. So he’s not all that concerned. Besides, he knows he’s dealing with a salesman, not a wily politician who will most certainly break most every promise he makes. The most pressing problem for the customer making a deal on a car is the conscientious salesman who defends, defends, defends the quality of the car and its price.

The negotiation has begun. After the negotiations, after the car is in the garage, after the car is broke down by the side of the road the customer does not call the dealership and say, “Your salesman, Trump, broke his campaign promises.” Rather, he calls a wrecker. Only after the third or fourth call for a wrecker might the hapless customer call the dealership to complain, “Trump sold me a lemon. Take your car back.”

Politicians hope on the basis of their fulfillment of campaign promises voters will vote for them again two, four, or six years later. Negotiators, salesmen, developers want their customers to return to buy again on the basis of their initial and successive satisfactory buying experiences. Trump is a negotiator. He did not make a campaign promise to create a deportation force to remove illegal immigrants who have lived here fifteen and twenty years or more. Nope. He did not. He sat down at the table, laid down his chips, raised the stakes with voters, and then stood pat waiting for the cards to fall. He initiated negotiations not knowing what the final terms of the deal would be. After all, how can he know for sure what price the dealership can afford to let the car go for?

Politicians make promises regarding much of what they have little or no control over. They promise legislation the social contract has given them no powers to pass or impose. They accuse the good people, the industrious Americans among us of selfishness when human nature and a good dose of common sense raises up a resistance.

Negotiators make representations of themselves and their products, of that over which they do exercise at least some responsibility or control. So the complainers, the #NeverTrump among us conservative Americans are expecting the impossible from Trump. They expect him to be a Cruz, Reagan, Sessions, or any number of other Constitutional conservative politicians who make promises. Trump is not one of them, nothing like any one of them.

The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God have determined all citizens of the United States until they reach the age of accountability are Americans. Most remain Americans until they breathe their last in old age. Safe to say, few if any of those young Americans are Constitutionalists or ideologically driven Conservatives. Because of that deficiency almost 100% of that cohort according to #NeverTrump should never become President of the United States. For they have not even read the Constitution. In all age groups there are far more nondescript Americans than Constitutional or Conservative Americans.

All Americans, conservative and otherwise, are descended from our nation’s founders, or aspire to be descended from our founders. Some Americans were not born here, were not born of either an American mother or father. They are Americans nonetheless, or someday will be, simply because that is their heart’s desire.  Other citizens of this country are descended from Marx. They stand for nothing Americans stand for, share nothing in common with Americans. Despite living on the same streets, attending the same schools, and working on the same assembly lines; they are not Americans and never will be Americans. They are something else.

Donald Trump is descended from the founders. #NeverTrump is descended from the founders. Even all the fine people over there at Right Scoop are Americans; because they are descended from the founders. Every American shares the founders’ love of liberty, their passion to dispose of their own property as they see fit, and their belief it’s best to keep government as small, limited, and local as possible.

Hillary Clinton is something else. She is as much a foreigner as there can be, aspiring to the highest position of power in our land. She has every intention of violating her oath of office. She has every intention of dulling our remembrance of the founders. Her every intention is to denigrate Americans. To rise up a rabble of imposters in their place.

And what is the #NeverTrump doing about Hillary “Open Borders” Clinton? Well. Let’s put it this way. When a grassfire approaches, who declares the lawn must first be mowed? Who declares we must first tidy Trump up a bit? Give him a haircut? Shave off the scratchiness? Or start with a whole new candidate altogether?


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