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While Mark Levin rails against Donald Trump as a populist, nationalist, trade restrictionist opportunist bull in a china shop, he has failed to recognize Constitutionalists were unable to produce a leader, a competent leader of their own; a leader competent enough to choose winning issues, lead on those issues, not back down on them, double down on them, and stick his finger in the eye of those who arrogantly ridiculed his mission to reverse the direction of the country.

Witness what Constitutionalists and their Conservative leaning allies are capable of. Years late, long overdue they removed Speaker John Boehner and replaced him with Paul Ryan. Big whoop. A week or two later, as soon as Ryan pressed passage of his BIG spending bill his chair should have been vacated also. It wasn’t. That might be the only win (still in the loss column) Constitutionalists can point to over the last very long eight years of President Obama’s reign of tyranny over Americans.

Donald Trump has something about him Constitutionalists have failed to muster, an utter disdain for what passes as image saving decorum. He doesn’t care what people think of him. He just wants the record straight, true, honest. While Constitutionalists struggle to show they are the authority on government, Trump “debases” himself to show he is under the authority of government. Maybe he doesn’t know it, but his intuition and common sense have gotten him where no Constitutionalist can enter at the present moment, into the hearts and souls of Americans tired of defeat after defeat; Constitutionalists appearing willing and quite self-satisfied to let things slide so long as they hold hearings and pass bills with no hope of a presidential signature.

Much like Peter after Jesus had removed his outer garments and set about washing the feet of his disciples, Constitutionalists argue, “Authority does not wash feet. It’s terrible for our image.” Jesus responds, “If you don’t wash feet, don’t act as if you are under authority, are not willing to serve and only have ambition to rule, you have no part in me.” And here is the point. Jesus was washing off travel dust that soils the feet while one goes about his daily chores. He was not washing the whole person. It was unnecessary, he had already cleansed them thoroughly, had Spic and Spanned them where water could not touch. Constitutionalists are also that clean, in a sense, allegorically speaking. They have bathed fully in the purity of the Constitution; have had a thorough baptism by immersion. They stand with Peter, before he sees the error of his image saving preoccupation. Then it is he learns how important it is to get into the dust, dirty one’s hands, and act as if one is under authority even though one might be Lord of All.

In one sense, Mr. Levin, America is not that far gone. Just little tweaks and all will be restored. Only amendments can change the Constitution. So far, three-fourths of the states will not ratify those changes. Even Supreme Court justices cannot ultimately change our government, though for a moment it might appear so. Constitutionalists don’t seem to be very good tweakers though. The Left, they are very good tweakers. A change of wording, a little tweak by the Left and Constitutionalists run screaming out of the room of governance. “You’re shutting down the government.” Those in authority leave the room. Those under authority, none are to be found.

Trump being the natural born American leader he has proven himself to be picked the winning issue from day one, immigration. Immigration ties into open borders, terrorism both on our shores and within the boundaries of some of our most trusted, dependable allies. Immigration affects jobs, the national debt, and growing criminal activity in our cities, suburbs, and countryside. And immigration seems to be an issue the Left really goes berserk about when challenged. The Constitution is not a winning issue. Jobs are not. The economy is not, at least not during this election cycle.

While Trump does the heavy lifting, gets dirt under his fingernails, Constitutionalists should do what little they can do. They should start tweaking. They should not call privileges rights. Nor should they speak of a right to vote or a right of marriage. There are no such animals. It’s the power of the purse. No one in the beginning imagined the power of the purse would be exercised to kill an entire government. It was expected individual programs, trends, and individual tyrants promoting those programs and trends would be stopped in their tracks. Which is why if Conservatives are to take a stand, why not stand for individual committee appropriations bills?

Constitutionalists should never use the deceptive language of the Left, should never let the words “shutting down the government” come out of their mouths. Instead, they should speak of defunding the Justice Department or defunding the Common Core division of the Education Department. They need to start washing some feet and not worry about what Clinton campaigners of the media will think of them. The remainder of Americans who already know they are under authority will then possibly recognize and align with Constitutionalists once it is obvious they have become equal to the task of upending and defeating the Left.

Imagine the possibilities if Donald Trump by common sense or intuition dutifully steams to the head of a Constitution flavored American effort to “Make America Great Again.” Indeed, he just might in the process “Make the Constitution Great Again.”


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