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Has anyone ever noticed that the Trump followers never have any intellectual intercourse to offer? Their argument is full of arrogance, bullying, and vulgar language. When they lose a debate, they will whine, complain, or run and block you. Does this sound like an Adult? Not exactly. It reminds me more of a child throwing a temper tantrum, and needs to be corrected, not accepted, or felt bad for.

Now we cannot blame the followers for their actions because they mirror exactly the same way of dealing with facts and criticism as Donald Trump deals. First we insult, then we make up fake facts, lie, and then whine, call more names, go vulgar, threaten, then run and hide. Then when all else fails, block using legal courts, or not allow to events.

Growing up, Conservatives prided themselves in being adult, strong, and their calm approach to difficult issues. Never would a “true” conservative allow themselves to become childlike in their public settings, and very seldom in their private affairs. Not today, we have allowed the Republican Party to run amuck with arrogance, lies, half-truths, outright lies, ignorance, flip flopping of plans to deal with important issues, and accept it as ok. Today, we see a group of childlike adults not only accepting by “brown shirting” for a man that has a history more involved with questionable issues than Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama put together, but because he changed his political party by changing the “d” to an “I” and now to a “r”, and regurgitates some of Ronald Reagan’s best comments, we see him being accepted. Donald Trump has a questionable past from Spousal rape and abuse to theft of 41 million dollars of regular middle income Americans to eminent domain theft, and fighting Veterans in New York. He lies about each of these, and people accept it from him.

We, the Constitutional Conservatives are so tired of false rhetoric, outright lies, and political self-interest are looking on and wondering what in “God’s” name is going on with the G.O.P.? The answer has been slow at leaking itself out, but so many Americans now see it, and it is the biggest theft that America has ever had placed upon its shores.

With over 12 million democrats who voted in Republican primaries, the answer became more and more obvious with every word that came out of Donald J. Trump’s mouth. The supporters of Donald Trump do not want Conservatives to win! They do not want the Constitution followed, and do not want a country without division, or assisting millions who are in poverty.

Hillary Clinton, the most well know criminal in politics today, has nothing to do except sit back and allow Donald and his followers to pass the Election directly to her. The sad issue about all of this, is that every supporter of Trump knew when they voted in their primary for him, they knew that they were actually voting for Hillary Clinton. There was no question about it, and they had no reservations about doing so. These supporters of #neotrumpism were happy to support him to remove all true Constitutional Conservatives from the race and leave only the most eruptive and arrogant, and most disloyal republican ever so that Hillary would win and win as big for a Democrat as Ronald Reagan won for Conservatives and the Republican movement in the 80’s.


Donald Trump followers will not be happy until Hillary is elected, and if the true Constitutional Christian Conservatives do not stand up and vote for Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, or Marco Rubio at the convention, then just need to take a white flag with them and wave it for the GOP will die at the Cleveland Convention, if Trump is nominated as the candidate for President. The Convention will be putting the Throne and Sash upon Hillary Clinton, and every Trump supporter has known this from their first voicing of support for him….


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