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I am not a fan, and really never have been a fan of Donald Trump. I am a Christian and I hold to Christian values, or what some also call ‘family values’. I definitely do not approve of his remarks recently leaked from an 11 year old “hot mic” capture.

Despite that and other misgivings, I have decided I will vote for Mr. Trump. For me, there really is no alternative. I believe that, when examined, there is really no alternative for Christians in this nation as a whole! The Democratic nominee is a horror story promising nothing but continued liberal misery and perhaps the downfall of our nation under the weight of a socialist nightmare. She is completely pro-abortion, and is quite frankly, the most corrupt candidate ever to run for the presidency, period! There are two other candidates who will be on the ballots in all the states. The Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, might be an option if there were not some important facts to consider. One, no third, or fourth, or fifth candidate has any chance of winning this election. Votes cast in their direction are useless at best, unless the numbers are so massive as to gravely effect the election. That’s just not going to happen. At worst the small numbers could possibly drain enough votes from Trump to get HRC the presidency!

Two, even if Mr. Johnson had a shot at winning, he would still be unacceptable because his social policies continue and even threaten to expand the immoral policies of legal abortion and same-sex marriage, among others. The same thing is true for the Green Party candidate as well. There is another independent candidate who could fit as a pro family values candidate. However, he won’t even make it on the ballot in all of the states, thus his chances to win are even worse!

That leaves Donald Trump as the only viable, pro family values candidate. In his own statements he has declared himself thoroughly pro-life, and promises to appoint judges who would be conservative constitutionalists in the mold of the late justice Antonin Scalia. There are other policy statements and positions of Mr. Trump that I am in substantial agreement with as well as others I am in disagreement with. If you want a much more complete list to compare the policies of these candidates, look up the Family Research Council website for an excellent voter guide. However I must say that if those two positions of being pro-life and pro constitutionalist judges were the only ones of Mr. Trump that I agreed with, he would still rank way ahead of Hillary Clinton as a Christian choice for president. Is Mr Trump’s personality and character where I would like to see it be? Not really. Then again, neither is my own personality and character where I want it to be. I live in as much of a glass house as anyone else so I have no standing to lob stones. The truth is that none of us have such standing.

We are left then to examine as much as is possible what the statements and actions of each candidate reveal concerning character. Hillary’s sins of the past rise to the level of breaking federal law and perhaps even treason considering Benghazi and the e-mail crimes. It seems obvious that at the time she simply ignored the law with regard to her e-mail crimes, and very possibly with regard to Benghazi and the terrible loss of four brave Americans. We know she deliberately risked the intelligence of the United States and exposed our biggest secrets to the cyber-scavenging enemies of the free world! If we were able to delve more deeply into the Benghazi tragedy, we might find it is deliberate case of willfully breaking one law to cover the commission of another very serious crime. In contrast, we know Donald Trump is guilty of making very crude sexual remarks about women. Perspective anyone?? I’ll wait.

However, it is the contrasting attitudes and actions of each toward their past that make the defining difference between them. Mr. Trump has formally apologized for his crude remarks. It should also be noted that Mr. Trump recently went through a conversion experience which we evangelicals say is being “born again” as Jesus said we must be in John chapter 3. Of course many would throw cold water on this claim stating that this was just a ‘convenient’ conversion to gain favor with republican conservative Christians. However, I would note that the prominent Dr. James Dobson said that he had first hand knowledge this conversion did take place. He has not backed away from that claim even in the light of Trump’s past comments. Dr. Dobson is a man I trust and respect. I grew as a new believer myself under the light of Dobson’s teachings on radio and later video. I have watched as he stood firm against many secular attacks and attacks from the government since his organization Focus on the Family came into existence in 1977. His comments carry a lot of weight with me and he has stated his vote is with Donald Trump!

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has not apologized for any of her wrongdoing and lawbreaking. In fact, she has reveled in it! She has denied that she ever did anything wrong or illegal with her email, though she keeps having to invent new lies to cover herself as the older lies are shown to be lies! She has shown no contrition for lying to the American people about Benghazi or to the parents of the fallen from Benghazi. She goes so far as to claim that they are lying about what she told them! Her words and actions demonstrate at least to me that she is as far from a Christian point of view in all areas of policy as is possible today! She appears almost diabolical in her unbridled ambition, and it seems there is little she would not do to get the power she desires. This is an extremely dangerous person to send to the White House, and I fear that what she is capable of is far too grave for our nation to long survive.

Thus it is my hope and prayer that we as followers of Christ will see the path ahead and make the right choice according to His will. My own choice as a Christian seems clear at this time and place. I choose the chance of a Trump presidency for good versus the almost certainty of a Clinton presidency for ruin.


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