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Fascism is the consolidation of power into a centralized government run by the few over the many.  Fascism does not permit opposition or even criticism of its rulings and conduct of affairs.  A fascist government may have the appearance of democracy with different branches of government but ALL decisions are made by the extreme few regardless of the kabuki theatre taking place within the puppet branches of government and the media, which is also controlled by the few.  The affairs of the fascist nation including ALL industrial, commerce, health, education, etc. are controlled by the central government.  America is very quickly about to become such a repugnant entity.  Our Founders would be appalled and devastated if they were with us today.  But they also would stand and prepare to confront the dark powers that promote such control and all-encompassing power over the lives of many.  Enter Donald Trump.

Trump is far from perfect, but he may just have been raised up for such a day and time as we now find ourselves.  Trump is leading a still growing national ground swell… a “Peaceful Overthrow of the Government” as former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee named Trump’s phenomenal success at winning the Republican Presidential Nomination.  The great eagle of this Republic is gathering her strength to rise up and fly above the warring dark storm clouds of doom and gloom to return to the clear blue skies of promise and splendor, of hope and as Trump says, “To make America great again.”  Across this land, from small towns and villages to great cities, Americans are stirring from a psychological and emotional fugue masterly created by those who herald fascism as a magic formula to take away the cares and concerns of life.  These masters of disguise are not merely Republicans or Democrats, but a ruling class unto themselves viewing the people of this Great Nation as obstacles standing in the way of global unification where Fascism is the Rule of Order, unlike our Constitution prescribing freedoms to the individual, and sovereignty to the states and away from an all-powerful, all-intrusive central government. 

Donald Trump is a leader, not a politician.  He is confronting not only a corrupted political system, but layers of power and influence from those either elected, appointed, or even without formal office, who have positioned themselves to help orchestrate the collapse of this Republic.  He may very well be brash, and even offensive at times, but read Donald Trump’s letter below without media or political consultants interpreting the content.  Read for yourselves the words of Donald Trump at the beginning of this year, 2016.  Read the words of a man who understands State and personal sovereignty; the same type of freedoms our Founders fought and died to give us as a gift.

What is needed in Washington is a president who will rein in the executive branch and work with Congress to make sure the legislative branch does its job. What is needed in Washington is a president who has the will, strength and courage to lead. What is needed in Washington is a president who is not beholden to special interests and who is only interested in putting America and Americans first.

When I am elected president, I will bring the executive branch back inside the Constitution and will work with Congress to put America first. I will lead the effort to gain meaningful tax reform, trade reform and education reform. I will lead the effort to protect your right to worship as you see fit and your right to protect your family and property with the right to keep and bear arms. Together, we will make America great again.


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