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The Socialist Left continually hand out the stories that they want to eliminate violence by removing Assault Weapons from the hands of the public.  Recently, the Socialist Left has been honest for once stating that they want to confiscate all Firearms.  The Socialist Left have to disarm the public so they can eliminate the rest of the rights held in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, establishing a Socialist Government.

If they really want to remove weapons from the hands of the people, they have a long list to choose from, and they have nothing to do with firearms.  Starting with Granny’ Cast Iron Pans, Mom’s Rolling Pins, the Neighbor’s Brick through the window or the most recent weapon of choice, Cars, Trucks and Vans.  If the Left really want to eliminate the Motor Vehicle Weapons they have a better chance, driving a Motor Vehicle Weapon is a privilege which is easily revoked, owning a Firearm is a Constitutional Right.

The idea that removing Weapons or potential Weapons from the hands of the people is a complete joke, the problem is the mindset and attitude of the people in the United States.  While working overseas I observed in Israel that every other person was carrying a Firearm, from pocket pistols to shoulder weapons.  In Switzerland, your national military service goes from age 18 to 56, the military is a national militia in structure where everyone takes their military Weapons home.  Machineguns, Assault Weapons, Grenades, Mortars, Ammunition, etc… are placed under beds, in closets, garages and so on.  The point is, in both countries you have no problem with street crimes, bank robberies, or gun violence and it is the very rare when a shooting incident occurs.

Removing Firearms from the people is the goal of a bunch of Traitors who seek to overthrow our form of Government and establish a Police State, with the Socialist Left everything is Politics.

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