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I always try to give credit where credit is due. And now, I must agree with Nancy Pelosi.

In a recent forum, she is quoted as saying ” … Yes, Black lives matter … “;  ……………… ” … all lives matter … “. And yet it appears the Left is not happy about the latter!

Why do Black communities and their leaders express such outright singularity; I believe this is a very selfish attitude. They seem to be demanding “special treatment”. They do not deserve it. No one Race does. No one Religion does. No one individual does.

And I also believe that no one should expect reparations, apologies, or other forms of retaliation for previous treatment at the hands of America. Governments enter into Wars for their own reasons, and we should not put the blame on any one faction or person. ” ….. No son should pay for the sins of his father ….. “.

In the United States of America, we live, work, pray, and fight together as a family. Differences are put aside when necessary; praise is offered when earned, and discrimination is avoided at all times.

If you do not subscribe to these values, then you, my friend, came here for all the wrong reasons. The good life is guaranteed to no one. You must earn what you desire.

We are generous, but don’t be demanding of us. We are compassionate, but don’t attempt to use us.

We love our Republic and we will fight to the death for its continuity, as the original Revolutionists did.

Our Constitution is precious to us. Don’t try to change it for selfish reasons. We only make amendments to preserve our rights, freedoms, and liberties as the majority of Society may request.
For the Immigrants coming to our shores, you must enter legally, concentrate on obeying our Laws, learning the language so we can all communicate in an intelligent manner, adopt our values and the life-long established work ethic, to improve one’s life, and contribute to the values and prosperity of our Nation.

We have State’s Rights to ensure our values and freedoms, and Federal oversee for protection and guidance. We do not subscribe to Government intrusion into our lives, our personal values, or our Religious values. We wish to live according to our own accepted values as reflected in the Constitution and the Laws of our Nation.

When entering into our Country and gaining Citizenship, do not attempt to force upon us the life from which you fled. If that is what you want, then go back to it. We have our established and accepted way of life. In coming here you are the one who must integrate. You come here for the “better” life we already have, don’t change it. Adopt it, subscribe to it, and make your own as we did over the years.

May God bless and guide you.

iPatriot Contributers


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