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By Jeff Davidson

We all are far too familiar with the contorted information confronting us on a daily basis: The high-tech online companies, corporate America, major newspapers, major TV networks, Hollywood, and a variety of otherwise so-called ‘journalists’ maintain an incredible, indefensible slant to the Left. Many border on Marxism and outright Communism. They lie by omission, by twisting narratives, by arriving at unfounded conclusions, or by creating stories out of whole cloth which fit their pre-selected, parallax narratives. As such, being a conservative or even a middle-of-the-roader in today’s ‘ultra-woke’ America means having a difficult time finding media outlets and information vehicles that strive to report the truth or, among debatable issues, lay out a sound and logical argument.
Care and Precise
Here, for your edification, are twelve conservative documentaries and/or lengthy interviews on a variety of today’s most pressing topics. One cannot help but notice the care and precision with which each has been produced, offering names, dates, facts, and figures with little or no hyperbole. Indeed, if liberals were EVER to watch some of these, they too might be convinced.Selection Code, Election Creepy Line – Full Documentary on Social Media’s manipulation of Is a Woman? Full Documentary 2022, by By Matt Walsh is a woman? – Matt Walsh LIVE on’s America – The Secret History of the Democratic“Is Fake News a Myth?” – Sharyl Son Hunter, Full Movie (fiction, very close to fact) Sowell on the Myths of Economic Zuboff on surveillance Rise of Surveillance Limits on the Woke? – Christopher Science: What Does it Say? – Dr. Richard the Distant Horizon?
One day, may we all dwell in a society and a world where journalism and news reporting represents some semblance of accuracy, fairness, clarity, and, need it be said, truth. One day may news organizations once again hire journalists, not propagandists. One day may ethics and integrity be restored in a profession that has gone off the rails.

Jeff Davidson


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