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All God’s children are suffering “the great divide”. If only we could accept it and move on.  What is the “Great Divide”? It is everything human. Let me give you a few mundane examples: —— short hair v. long hair; —— brown sweaters v. white sweaters; —— black shoes v. red shoes; —— cold weather v. hot weather; —— meat v. veggies; – – – you get the picture??

We are all different, yet very much the same. The one binding trait is that we are all living on the same Planet; many believe we are all children of God, many do not. From the smallest of insects to the largest of animals, we are all together on this beautiful place we call Earth. There are those among us that have a problem dealing with the diversity of it all.

Survival is the key. Save the children is the call.  To save the children we must work together to improve our world, or at least preserve it. Fighting amongst ourselves will solve nothing. First we must accept that we are all human, and basically have so many emotions and desires alike. Animals are here for our pleasure, for our food, and in some cases for our comfort.  For some, animals and pets are all that they have. And we all need somebody, or something, to love, and to love us in return. It is our reason for living. Or is it?  What is our reason for living? Can you answer that with any intelligence? Can you explain with any logic why we are here?

Perhaps there is no concrete reason.  Perhaps we did just evolve. But something started it. I believe we talked about that yesterday. There are days when I struggle to imagine how it all began.  It gives me a headache. So I just stop and tell myself that I will have the answer some day —- someday —- some day when I leave this Earth I will know from whence I came.  Until then, let me do my best to make the best of it all.

The one basic thing we all share, is that we are all Earthlings.  We are all Human Earthlings. Why do some call themselves “…African Americans…”?  Should I then call myself “Irish English Canadian Native American”? Now isn’t that a mouthful? And isn’t that silly? Why can’t we all be Americans? Once the immigration is complete, and the Citizenship is earned, you are an AMERICAN!!!!!  We have separated ourselves enough.  We have diversified ourselves enough. We add to our own segregation.

We are creating our own problems. It is not even enough to say Black or White.  That is the most blatant segregation I can think of.  It tells me that the “Black”, or dark skinned folks WANT to separate themselves.  And yet they then turn around and complain because they are segregated.

Even the Democratic National Convention is a separation stunt.  They have positioned so many folks of color, I feel, to gain their vote.  They are, and have been, exploiting this segment of Society since Obama declared his run for the Presidency. They have figuratively insulted and demeaned these people.  And yet their place in Society has fallen due to their belief, by persuasion if you will, that they are treated as inferior.  They have destroyed a great deal of what they have gained since Martin Luther King.  His words have been lost to time.

Perhaps the National Election this year will get us all back on track.  The Obama years, plus the twelve (12) before him, have divided us so badly, that some feel we can never get back.  But I believe in the American fortitude, the American determination, and the resolute frame of mind, that we will make it.  For our children, for our grandchildren, for the future of our Nation.  Once again we will stand tall in the World.  The smaller Nations will once again feel secure in knowing that we can and will help them when called upon to do so.


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