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Thoughts from an old computer geek who is used to dealing with people that call out dumb people and use blunt words. And, look at people’s knowledge, skills and abilities, not their race or gender.

With the story of the fellow at Google being fired for questioning the 50% women and preferences for women and minorities, there is a side story here.

Google executives are gender balanced (50% women) and the CEO is a minority.

Based on the following I point out that at Google, Diversity means dummies. Points that show they are dumb:

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  1. That these Diversity executives are pushing 50% women is actually laughable.
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Anyone that knows anything about the computer programming industry knows that not a lot of women are interested in the field and that it is normal to have 20 to 30% women. Years ago when I worked in the field it was around 30%, now it seems to be lower.

Many articles have pointed out that more than 80 percent of computer science and engineering majors are male and there are high numbers of women in women’s studies, education, nursing, social sciences, biology, psychology, etc.

The 80 percent male means 20 percent female, which is what they are at. This means 20% is normal. The 50% women is laughable and indicates a simple mind that cannot think beyond simple proportionality. It also means that 50% is virtually impossible.

They should also realize just from the people they have (their mix) and the world around them (gender and race skewed is normal), that proportionality is ridiculous.

That the Google executives do not seem to understand the mathematical concepts involved (percentage, ratios, numbers) and the world around them (normal mix), shows they are, to use blunt words, dumb. Executives should be able to understand these concepts and points.


  1. That these Diversity executives do not realize the implications of their actions and what they are actually doing shows how dumb they are.

That they did not look at the points raised in the guy’s document as to how white guys are excluded (no classes, mentoring, high priority queue, lower standards, pressure to recruit, etc.) shows these diversity people consider the white guys to be not worth the effort, inferior and not to be considered. This shows they treat white guys with disdain and disrespect Smart people do not treat people like this, no matter what they are. This is beyond dumb; this is a form of contempt and abhorrence. Diversity is supposed to mean be nice to everyone. Yeah, yeah, unless you are a white guy.

And, that they do not understand that their preferences are taking jobs and promotions and opportunities from decent hardworking white men and men (and their wives and children) makes them look dumb. They are thieves stealing jobs and money. Another point too complicated for them and making them look dumb. This also raises the question of whether they are thieves or too dumb to think that far. At the least, they are too dumb to even understand the implications of their actions and have consideration for the people they affect.


  1. That these Diversity executives did not consider the point that firing the guy is intimidation and retaliation shows their lack of knowledge of the consequences and implications of their actions and their consideration for the fellow who questioned their dogma. They do not take criticism and suggestions well.

That they obviously cannot handle rational detailed questioning of their dogma (which is laughable, see above) and rebut the points, again shows how dumb they are. Dumb people attack the messenger, smart people address the issues. This also shows they are too emotional for the clear thinking and analysis required for executives.

This sends the message that the dogma must not be questioned and doing so will be met with severe punishment. Firing a guy is severe and can seriously affect a person’s life. They did not care. Intimidation is a method of handling dissent by dumb people. This is also like third world countries and dictatorships where dissenters are banished.

How they treat white guys is disgusting. No respect, no rights, steal from them, intimidate them, shut them up, all ways dumb people handle dumb actions.


  1. That these Diversity executives are actually pushing for preferences for themselves (women and minorities) and their tribe or gaggle (whatever the collective word is for a bunch of thieving, inconsiderate women and gaggle is a play on words for google, to be humorous) and they do not seem to realize they are self-seeking also makes them look dumb. This also sends the message that Diversity executives are selfish and inconsiderate. It also raises the question if they can be trusted. Selfish thieves trying to get preferences for themselves cannot be trusted. And people that are too dumb to realize this should be trusted less.

This shows that when you put these Diversity people in jobs they want to steal for themselves and their tribe or gaggle. Or, put women (these women, not all) in jobs they try to steal from men.

Questions should also be asked of the people that demand and take such preferences.

Based on the above, clearly Diversity means dummies. Executives are supposed to understand basic simple concepts and think beyond simple points. And these people affect people and are too dumb to even realize that (firing and treatment). I would expect senior executives at a company like Google to have at least a basic level of competence, knowledge and thinking skills. The above shows these people are a joke. Again, clearly Diversity Means Dummies.

Knowing I will be attacked for this, my response is do not blame me or attack me because these people are dumb. They affect people and are too dumb to realize the consequences of their actions. Let us strive to get better and smarter people.

P.S. After writing the above and thinking about it, I cannot resist the following (ha ha).

  1. As I have just realized I am smarter than the Diversity Dummies, which is smarter than the gaggle of Google Executives, I am willing to offer my services to any one interested in questioning the Diversity Dummies. I assume the Google Executives are well paid, so being smarter, I would think an appropriate fee would be $1M per day, plus extravagant travelling expenses (I am in Canada). I will say it is surprisingly easy to be a star turkey amid a gaggle of turkeys.
  2. Seriously, these people affect people’s jobs and lives and something has to be done. The Diversity Dummies are treating men and especially white men with scorn and distain. Do not take this. Stand Up to these people.

Any one wanting to contribute to the effort can do so through PayPal:


The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Barry Ceminchuk

Activist against corrupt politicians funneling government jobs and contracts to ethnic and feminist special interest groups using race and gender preferences. Also against the displacement and replacement of whites, men and white men using such preferences.


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