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I see the ‘diversity’ movement is alive and well.

 Admiral Michelle Howard, USN, was recently promoted to Vice Chief of Naval Operations, second in command of all U.S. Naval Operations.  The selection process leading to her promotion to 4 star rank and her current position, is rather unique in a peace time US Navy.  The supposed plan is to eventually promote her to Chief of Naval Operations,”… Howard is both a woman and black.

First we had to ‘give’ Obama a shot at the White House and all the high level government offices that are appointed by the President.   And we are in the process of ‘giving’ Hillary a shot at the White House with the accompanying appointment of an ‘all woman’ Cabinet, etc.  And Oh, almost forgot, the Supreme Court also had a dose of diversity with the last appointments being ‘all women’ to include a Latina and a Lesbian.   So it would seem in this 21st Century, the government, society and political correctness have pooled their resources to run this experiment in ‘diversity’.   If you don’t support this effort, you are a racist or a misogynist.

Let’s hope this experiment is ended before someone gets hurt.  Our Country (like a Timex watch) is tough and strong and can withstand a lot of mishaps and bad decisions and ‘keep on ticking’!!   With all due respect to those Blacks, Latinos and Women who are qualified, I say, enough of this diversity horsecrap, it would seem we are handing the ‘baton’ to the Blacks, Latinos and women as in a relay race who are in the race  only because of their race or gender.

It was the ‘White Man’ who first wrestled this Country from the British, then the wilderness and the Indians.  They forged a set of rules (Constitution and laws) that assure the most freedoms the World has known and which still survives today.  Nowhere in those rules does it say, ‘all races and genders will be cycled through the leadership positions’ of this government.  It was the White man who also forged business and industry from nothing to become the industrial/business leader of the World.   It was the ‘White Man’ who developed the farms/agriculture to a ‘breadbasket of the World’ status.  It was the ‘White Man’ who developed and maintained a Military unmatched in the World to include Nuclear Weapons.   It was the ‘White Man’ who then proceeded to lead the World to the Moon and back.   So let’s not be so quick to ‘diversify’ the White Man out of our Country’s leadership positions only because he ‘is white’, that would be ‘racist’. In fact, it was the White Man’s blood, sweat and brains that gave all minorities their freedoms and rights to pursue whatever they chose to in this Country.   And oh, BTW, lets refer to the ‘White Man’ as a ‘Euro American’ as referring to him by his ‘color’ is degrading and is not politically correct.

Yes, I know, in todays’ political correct society, I am not supposed to say any of the above, however, I am just being honest.   Somewhere, someone said, ‘Unto thy ownself, be true’.   So be it.


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