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Distrust!  this the top issue? Why the high levels of distrust levels for both candidates? There are parallels between the candidates. Then there are major differences. What are the consequences coming from the distrust? I will start with the similarities, then Trump and finally.

Hillary and Trump both have a New York influence, While Trump is a New Yorker through and through, Hillary was influenced by Chicago. Both cities have had long term political corruption and problems.  Marrying Bill Clinton and living in Arkansas was just a means to an end.

Both Clinton and Trump have had ties to for profit colleges. An issue connected with student loans and job placement. Trump has been married three time, Clinton once, but how many affairs? The primary campaigns both had some irregularities, more later. By most American standards, neither would be considered low or middle income. In the past, both appear to be strong Democrats.


Why the distrust of Trump:  actions in the primary, reactions of how he conducted business, the media, or his mouth?

The primary.  Trump won the primary on being a true outsider and splitting the other outsider vote. It was in attacking the other outsiders, with name calling and innuendo. Trump used a lot of what ifs, and maybes. With modern technology the source of some of the pictures, and the claim of what caused a vote change in Iowa, is or was for a time just speculation.

During the primary Trump did not separate abortion from Planned Parenthood. He did not come right out and mention the U.S.  Constitution. The Republican primaries had increased turnout i elections, but they were open and closed, election and caucus. Trump was not at first prepared for the delegate phase of the election process.

Where did Trump’s comments about women and minorities come from? Is this a job or health issue? For most people in business, getting the job done is number one. Education, experience, and loyalty are next. Is it a general matter of health or the abortion issues?

Trump has made money off of government contracts and laws passed b  congress.  Trump is a builder, when is government not involved in building? Business ventures can be a risk. Investors are not forced to invest with him,

The Media and the mouth. Did the media misuse what Trump said about guns and the situation with Mr. Khan? Mr. Trump said that people who believe in the 2nd amendment can stop Hillary by voting against her trying to stop the confirmation of judicial nominees. The news media tried write about the honorable death of the son of Mr. Khan.  The son was killed in 2004. Mr. Khan is an immigration lawyer who deals in green cards and driver license for Muslims.

Is the media using a lot of speculation, because time was short for a detailed answer? Are they trying to slant the issues upon which they disagree?


There were scandals that started when Bill Clinton was president, The scandals of concern are those that deal with a private server when Hillary   was Secretary of State, and the Clinton Foundation. Scandals during the terms that Bill was president have the names of: Travelgate, file ate, Cow gate, , Whitewater, IRS gate,  and Vince Foster.

There is a feast of reasons why so many people distrust her after she became Secretary of State. A private unsecure e-mail server, that was illegal for Department of State, Business. With destroyed e-mails that had information about Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation.

In October 2012, there was an attack on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Four American personnel died including the ambassador. From almost the beginning, there was a cover-up lie about a video being the cause as pushed by Susan Rice and others. Others say it was the lack of action by Hillary and the Obama administration.

The FBI invested the private server and determined that Hillary was extremely careless but not grossly negligent. No indictment because there was no hard proof that security was compromised, Her defense was that much of the information was not marked classified.  Subsequent to the announcement of no indictment, FBI director Comey answered questions before Congress that showed Clinton lied. If the DOJ doesn’t keep protecting Clinton, Hillary could be charged with perjury and new charges connected with the Clinton Foundation.

Trying to keep all of the possible investigations straight is hard. The Clinton Foundation is being checked for pay-to-play and connections with the State Department. Will the DOJ cooperate, or try to kill the investigation? Much of the income has been from giving speeches. Anyone can give to a charitable foundation, but is it buying influence? Look at the list of foreign governments that have given to the Clinton Foundation. What did those that paid high amounts get for their payments

The computers of the DNC were hacked just before the convention.  Information was disclosed that many actions had been taken to keep Bernie Sanders from winning. Now there are news articles that Democrats in congress have been hacked.

The non-indictment says to many that Hillary is above the law the system is rigged. What is the payoff if Hillary is elected?  The Clintons appear to have gained from using direct government positions, putting the country at risk in some form.

Is the media and DOJ protecting Hillary because of ties to Obama? Why was Mr. Mateen, the father of the Orlando killer overlooked at a Hillary rally? Why wasn’t the full story of Mr. Khan mentioned. Why wasn’t the word mentioned that referred to LA 1968? Why is it only a few news outlets mention the current investigations? Did the media check out the stories that Hillary had been under sniper fire?

A lie is a lie, but whose lie,  has  the higher consequence?  The missing e-mails could help convict or save Hillary.


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