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Singer/ songwriter Billy Joel wrote the popular song I’m sure most of us know and will remember; “We didn’t start the fire”. The lyrics were composed of headline news events since his birth in 1949 through 1989 when the song was released. The song was meant as a commentary for that period of time, and that the fire was used as a metaphor for the wages of war, oppression, discontent, and the civil unrest that was engulfing America and the world. Joel’s way of explaining and describing this was to employ the good and bad that existed in life and contributed to the ills that plagued mankind.

The lyrics of the song spanned a cross section of people, places, things and events, from Harry Truman to Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, to Red China, and Catcher in the Rye. The refrain of the song went something like this: “We didn’t start the fire, / it was always burning since the world’s been turning. / We didn’t start the fire / no, we didn’t light it, but we tried to fight it”.

In 2017 the fire is still burning, and regrettably it seems nobody is fighting it. Some of us might be making an effort, but there is one stumbling block or obstacle that we must contend with; the leftwing in America has become a catalyst, and in that manifestation has added fuel to the flame, a festering inferno that has been building up over decades and spreading across this nation and even beyond its borders.

Joel’s song spanned a forty year time frame, but I’ll apply the same principle and cover just the past few years, a time of great unrest, trial and tribulation, and that within that time there is a voluminous amount of information, people, places, things, and events that have had both a positive or negative impact on all our lives. Here’s my attempt at something similar, but different, entities that have been in the forefront, in the public eye, and in one way or another have contributed to the current state of the union.

Trump Clinton Sanders Paul, Pence Christie and Jindal, / Cruz Carson Huckabee, Bush Rubio Reid Comey. Webb Fiorina Walker O’Malley, Graham Kasick and Death Valley, / Santorum Schumer Conway Perry, Ryan McConnell Flynn and Berry. Russia China Iraq Iran, Syria France Afghanistan, / Italy Israel Germany, Rome the Pope The Holy See. Baseball Football Basketball, Gender Race the Toilet Stall, / Mattes McMaster Spicer Kelly, Limbaugh Hannity Savage and Pelley. Ivanka Hollywood Opposition, Keep Your Drugs and Physician, / Traitor Nazi Fascist Clown, Loot Riot Burn it Down. Martha Tucker Joe and Mika, Levin Matthews No Conservative Speaker, / Ingraham Imus Maddow Gilmore, the Little Sisters of the Poor, / NSA FBI CIA, Military Veterans Election Day. Kaepernick Anthem and the Flag, Scalia Supreme Court and Fort Bragg / Oscars, Grammies and Tony, Nominate Winner Diversity.

Deceive Distort Lies Fake News, Christians Muslims and the Jews, / Technology Phones New Devices, War Oppression Terror and ISIS. FOX ABC and CBS, CNN NBC and PBS, / Times the Post the Daily News, Fewer Believers in the Pews. Sex Harassment O’Reilly Ailes, Obama Biden Health Care Fails, / Killing Jesus Lincoln and John, Say a Prayer No Senior Prom. Free Speech Religion and Gun Rights, Delays Reschedules Airline Flights, / Emails Servers Hacked Collusion, Leaks Impeach and Confusion. Circus Kardashians Jenner Daughters, Bowie Prince Moore and Watters, / Colbert Kimmel Griffin and Hate, / Shakespeare in the Park Assassinate. Eastwood Fallon Madonna and Rosie, Whoopi Beyonce and Jay Z / San Bernardino Manchester SMU, Pulse Marriage LGBTQ.  Dallas Alexandria and Scalise, / Republicans Democrats and Capital Police.

There are many others that could have been included, but I thought enough already. Feel free to add your own, and you may want to accompany your read by humming the music to Joel’s song. And lastly, this is the way I see it:

We didn’t start the fire, / its hard now to say who is to blame, / but its intensity has grown and the reason is, / the left wing has added fuel to the flame.

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