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While it’s true that Obama didn’t sell our White House, he most assuredly “SOLD” the POWER of it!   He was a puppet, nothing more or less!   He had no experience, skills, accomplishments, records, documents, proof of who he was or where he came from!   The faux computer-generated copy of a ‘certificate of live birth’ (small letters deliberate) was as fake as my last husband!   He had never had a job, had no business experience, had never accomplished anything, had lived off his family friends, and real close friends who had money!   What made him ideal for the position of “puppet” is simple – he had nothing to unlearn because he had never learned anything!   Except how to avoid work, but live off those who did!

When you really consider the fact that as a community organizer (organizing the organizers while he collected MILLIONS of dollars in “donations” to rebuild the communities he “targeted”!    He already knew he was “politics-bound” and needed their full support!   Race had to be a factor in order to DO that!   So immediately, he declared to the black communities (he desperately needed for his future in politics) that THEY were his brothers and sisters and HE was one of THEM!   All they knew about him was, he fell from heaven (small letter) and would be their messiah!    A few million of the vast amount collected did get spent in their communities! Unfortunately, politics called, millions went missing, and the projects were slowly slowed!   Bad bookkeeping was blamed for the multi-millions lost, yet no one seemed in a hurry to look for them! He was bought into the Illinois Senate without a smidgeon of credentials!   Not any other documents to supports his history!    Same with US Senator!

THEN, what to do about the lack of documentation and credentials when campaigning for President of the greatest Nation on earth?   For the first time since he became a politican, he was asked for a Birth Certificate!   OOPS!   Two years and thousands of excuses later, the long form showed up!   With more typo’s and less authenticity than the same forged, computer-drafted COLB!    Fast forward…..His life-long dream of being filth rich and famous, never having to beg for even his basic needs again was about to come true!   American tax payers would make him filthy rich and his “brothers” would make him world famous!   All HE had to do was divert attention away from THEM while they used the power of HIS Presidency!   He’s skilled in the art of diverting attention away from what’s really happening to our beloved country! While she was SOS and traveling all over the world making HIS friends HERS, she learned a few diversionary skills herself!

He HATES America and she only likes it when she can use it to her advantage!   I did not mean to say this much!   But take it as it is written!    I have three sons and four grands who served this country in the Military for a total of seventy plus years!   I am frustrated, angry, disgusted, hurt, and heart-broken over what our Country has become because of these two and the ones MILLIONS who support them!   Hell ain’t (sic) hot enough for them but will have to do until Jesus Christ returns and metes out their punishment!   I want a front row seat!


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