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“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” – Proverbs 1:7

Have you asked yourself why liberals believe Barack Obama is the most honest, intelligent man ever to be president?  Why do they believe he is a Christian?  Why do they believe mankind’s CO2 is going to destroy all life?  Why do they believe Islam is a religion of peace and love but Christianity is a religion of hate and intolerance?  Why do they believe Donald Trump is Hitler reborn?

What is true to a conservative is not what is true to a liberal.  A conservative understands that believing something doesn’t make it true.  A lie is not true anymore than stating a fact that is incorporated into a lie makes it true.

Here are the seven most atrocious lies that leftists believe to be true:

  • Obama is an honorable man

Liberals believe BO is the most intelligent man ever to sit in the White House.  They believe him when he says he has improved America and had no scandals in his administration.  Yet the Obama regime has torn down America to the extent that Democrats have been voted out of over a thousand government seats nationwide.  His scandal free presidency has not only been rife with dozens of scandals, but his policies have reignited the Islamic Jihad and enabled dozens of successful terror attacks into the USA.  Obama is not an honorable, intelligent, morally righteous Christian, but a deceiving Moslem who has been a very effective Trojan Horse for the Leftarts to take down America.  To believe what Obama says about himself one must be among the most oblivious people in the world wallowing in clueless ignorance.

  • “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

Michael Brown was an unarmed black teenager murdered by a racist white cop in the Leftarts’ version.  He was accosted on the street, ran away, and fell to his knees with his hands up yelling “Don’t shoot” and the cop shot him repeatedly in the back.  Except video of Brown stealing and muscling a storekeeper moments before being confronted by a policeman who only told him not to walk in the street reveals the lie.  The rest of the lie is revealed by conflicting witness accounts, the policeman’s account, and the autopsy results.  Some black witnesses corroborated the debrief that proved Brown attacked the officer and tried to take his gun and was shot while charging the officer.  Since then, blacks have rioted and were allowed to burn Democrat cities and assassinate police all on the basis of the lie that police are the new KKK arm of white privilege.  Congratulations to Democrat Mayor Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago for hamstringing his police to allow more blacks to be killed by other blacks than unarmed blacks that have been killed by white police in the last twenty years.

  • Climate change is real

Leftarts say this to dupe the unwitting.  Everyone knows that climate change is real and always happening.  However, when a leftist says this they are not talking about science, but about their political scam.  Leftists say man’s CO2 is destroying the planet.  But science says man produces a miniscule amount of CO2 compared to what the Earth produces naturally, and that it is necessary for life.  Climate change is only due to solar output by the Sun, which is the stable but not static source of the Earth’s heat.  But this is disregarded by the Leftarts because it doesn’t allow them to promote their agenda which is to make the people submit to government rule as socialist slaves.  Their goal is to take away the people’s energy sources so they must live in poverty.  Then they promise the fools that their leadership will make the people prosperous and convince them to give their corrupt government more power, take more wealth, and leave the dupes to wonder why they are still poor?

  • Islam is peace

Muhammad’s Jihad began in Mecca fourteen centuries ago and has been waged by his brainwashed followers ever since.  The Prophet set the standard for the Utopian socialist society by compelling his followers to brainwash themselves and obey their theocratic rulers without question.  All the people are the same; they think the same, they act the same, they believe the same, and all that they think and believe is dictated to them by the ruling elites.  Those who stray are destroyed.  Those who do not submit are oppressed.  Those who stand against them are murdered.  Muhammad formulated how to overthrow righteous people by making demands, calling rejection of his demands an insult to Allah, staging oppression, and leading his fanatic followers in rebellion.  This is how they justify terrorism and murder and how the absolute leftist takes power from the righteous to enslave all the people and extinguish liberty forever.

  • Socialism is good

Castro made Cuba and Chavez made Venezuela, both prosperous countries, destitute by stealing all the wealth of the nation for themselves.  This is how socialism works by making all of the people subjects of the government under the ruling elites.  All the people are equal, but they are equally poor and miserable.  No one ever fought to escape a capitalist to a socialist.  Socialists happily eject their criminals to wreak havoc on prosperous countries.  They build walls and kill the workers who try to escape to liberty and prosperity.  They build prisons for political dissidents who would lead the people to freedom while letting the violent criminals run rampant to keep the sheeple subdued.  The people are caught between their corrupt government police and the criminals and that’s what Democrats have been trying to create in America so their sheeple will give them more power.

  • Immigrants are beneficial

This is another saying for dupes.  Any conservative will agree that immigrants are beneficial.  But when liberals say it they are talking about illegals who invade our country by sneaking across the border to steal American jobs.  Many are criminals escaping prosecution in their country to commit more crimes in ours.  Liberals call them refugees, but the refuge some seek is from justice, and others seek refuge from the wars and corruption that leftists have inflicted on their homelands.  They do this for the express purpose of bringing foreigners into America to replace those Americans who realize that Democrats are not working for their benefit, but to control the federal purse strings to benefit themselves.

  • Russia hacked the election

Democrats are trying to oust Trump before he is inaugurated by claiming America’s Cold War enemy cheated the American voters.  The problem is the “cheat” is WikiLeaks exposing Democrat lies and corruption.  So the Left is accusing Putin of rigging the elections against them by telling the American people the truth about Obama and his regime.  How funny is that?  Who cares if WikiLeaks was or wasn’t given their information by the Russians?  The Left isn’t upset about voter fraud that they perpetrated (as evidenced by the Detroit recount), but by people knowing the truth and voting against them.  That’s not how free elections work in the world of Leftarts!

Obama lying braggart

Trump ellicits Liberal Derangement Syndrome

News stories no one has seen in the global warming debate

Columbia U students endorse female genital mutilation by Islamists

Tucker Carlson destroys far left Russian hacking

When all is said and done it is the liberals who suffer from derangement, denial, and delusion.  Obama believing had he been on the Democrat ticket then he would have won is in denial that all Democrats knew his policies were on the line.  Democrat policies are what America voted against.  They don’t want foreigners invading their country, they don’t want Islamists spreading terror with their death cult, and they don’t want government stealing their wealth.  As the DNC is about to install another black Moslem of the Leftarts as their leader, some are saying Obama will attempt a phony recess appointment to the Supreme Court to further block and sabotage Trump’s presidency.  If he does I hope Trump has them both arrested for usurping the people’s rights!  Nothing would be better than for Obama and his cohorts to be charged and tried for treason and let all the truth come out!


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