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America is getting off Obama’s train of division and decline and jumping on the Trump Train to renewed prosperity that will bring unity.

Barack Hussein Obama may have been elected president, but he was never the leader of the free world or even America.  He was a tyrant.  He won, we lost.  If we weren’t with him then we were against him and it was his way or the highway.  Donald J. Trump is a leader.  He does not command and demand, but negotiates to what benefits everyone and guides people to the right path.  Like Ronald Reagan and Ike Eisenhower before him, he is a man who rose to his position by virtue of the talent of leadership.  Leftists do not appreciate this because they want to rule, not govern.

The Left is always false.  Have you noticed how the Leftarts in media always forecast victory when they are being defeated?  Gore, Kerry, and Clinton were all declared the winners of their elections by the media as they lost.  Hillary was declared the winner right after the conventions before the campaign had even begun!  And they always have polls that show the Democrats dominating.  Even as Obama’s policies are being ousted, with 80% of the country saying he took America down the wrong path, they are saying he has better than 50% approval and Trump has more than 50% disapproval.  They blame their defeat on everything but Obama’s policies that America has rejected and then cook the books of polls to declare their lies to be truth.

Trump not the legitimate President?  Democrats are not legitimate Americans!

Americans recognize that Obama led the Democrats down the wrong track.  The engine of economics circles the mountain of prosperity traveling clockwise wherein the right spur climbs up the mountain to grow greater prosperity, while the left spur goes down the mountain into debt and decay.  Like Rush, I wanted Obama to fail because I knew he would take that train down the left spur and the world today is the result; economic stagnation, military decline, and foreign turmoil.  The Trump Train is going to put America back on the right track taking the right spur, while Democrats continue their descent on the Obama train are all screaming “NOOOOO!”

Capitalism has created the American Middle Class, the first Middle Class in history, and the Left has fooled the gullible into believing socialism will give them prosperity for free.  Nothing is free in life and you must work for what you want to earn your prosperity.  The Right and Left have opposite approaches; you either learn a trade or you learn to steal.  Those who learn to steal always blame others for their failures and project their wrongful beliefs onto those who take responsibility for their own success.

The Left has been teaching our children that those who succeed do so by stealing from others, which is how the Left succeeds.  Socialist cronyism is not business.  It is stealing from successful companies to give to their friend’s failing companies (like Soyndra).  Capitalist competition is what helps businesses grow without corruption to the buyer’s benefit.  Leftists, like the liberal Democrat billionaire who took over a pharmaceutical company, and then jacked medication prices 20,000% so he could claim people need government to protect them from predatory capitalism, is their fake news.  News and polls that the Democrat media create are all fake as proven on Nov. 8th.

America and the world need to learn the truth about socialism and capitalism, just as they need to learn the truth about Christian faith in God and anti-Christian hate.  Though the Right can sometimes be wrong the Left is never right, which is why they must dupe people into following their track.  Abraham Lincoln said;

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

Liberals choose to remain fooled and will follow Obama and the Democrats to their own destruction, but all the rest of America has come to realize how wrong they were to be fooled by the Left.  This is not the end.  History does not begin and end today.  This is only the beginning.  While Trump will strive to make America great again the Left will be working to sabotage his efforts.  They will say the same about the Right who worked against Obama.  But those who work against socialism taking the train down the mountain by making government grow, increasing our debt, and choosing who benefits is not the same as those who work against capitalism, climbing the mountain back to prosperity through making businesses grow.

The Left believes in making America the world by inviting every third world America hater into our home and forcing American citizens to pay for it as punishment for “stealing from the world.”  The Right believes in making the world America where people can live and prosper by working together without taking from and killing one another.  America has been the best thing to happen to planet Earth, but liberals see the opposite through the eyes of communism.  The Left believes that if they could just assassinate Trump then Obama could usurp the presidency and declare himself king as well as their savior.  They would happily have the Islamo-Nazi Communist impose his will and Sharia on the Great Satan.  This is how we know the Leftarts are the Nazi fascists and Islam is their creed.  The anti-Christians have revealed themselves and their lies and hateful souls have become transparent to all.

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“It wasn’t Donald Trump that divided this country.  This country has been divided for a long time.” – Rev. Franklin Graham


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