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If an October surprise doesn’t defeat Hillary, the deplorable  can. The deplorable and their friends and relatives can defeat Hillary. Anti-Hillary could be a large base, not just some Trump supporters. Here is the list of the deplorable:

1. Coal miners.  2. Pipeline workers. 3. New England commercial fisherman. 4 people who have lost their  jobs because of Obamacare, poor trade deals, minimum wage increases. 5. People who want a chance to defend themselves with guns, and don’t have the money for a security force. 6. Millennials who have debt but on job.  7.  People who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegals and refugees. 8. People in Colorado and Michigan who dealt with contaminated water because the EPA did not do their job.  9. Students who were hurt by the lowering of educational standards with No Child Left Behind and Common Core. 10. People of all religions that don’t want to see any form of Sharia Law. 11. People that can accept family planning but not  abortion. 12. People who have been convicted of crimes for a lot less then what  Hillary has done. 13. People being forced to go against their religious  convictions, in matters of items of private service. 14.Mistreated veterans.   15 People who still believe that the sun, the earths orbit, and volcanic activity still affect climate.  16.  ALL THE LIES CONNECTED WITH THE E-MAILS.  THE CLINTON FOUNDATION and HER HEALTH.  With all the destruction of evidence, peopple don’t know what harm is set up for the future


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