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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Democrats will insist the new budget give $3 billion in welcoming gifts for illegal aliens obviously so they will vote Democrat forever, and often.
That every illegal alien costs $72,000 in law enforcement, free jail, free housing, free food, free education through community college and free health care in return for voting for Democrats was not included in Nancy’s announcement.

We have to ask, “How long can a constitutional republic, incorrectly referred to as a “democracy” for positive association with Democratic Party, survive in a constant river of lies? We are told by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez her program will deliver: (1) Free Medicare for everyone! (2) Free education through college, (3) free abortions for everyone, especially aliens and black people. Note: Family Planning was founded by Margaret Sanger to, in her words, “…eliminate the Negro race.” (3) Guaranteed jobs at $15 per hour. (4) Free housing, (5) Legalize drugs by ending drug law enforcement. (6) Eliminate all carbon fuels. (7) Campaign reform eliminating corporate contributions. (8) “An economy of peace.”

Not only is this Lenin, Marx, Stalinist Communism, but it is never closely examined in a way it must be now because academics and bureaucrats think their only way to get more money is to see government grow.
Socialism has been tried 39 times since defined and has failed dismally from the birthplace of post World War I Germany and Russia in the early 20th century. It left utter destruction in an eastern sweep across Asia, through Central and South America where people are hungry in a nation sitting on the greatest mineral wealth in the western hemisphere!

While speaking at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities on Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi made it clear she does not support a border wall but is apparently in favor of using taxpayer money to provide food, clothing, and medical supplies to illegal aliens.

Pelosi explained the Congressional committee putting together the spending package, which must be passed by Feb. 15, or the government will shut down again, will include “sizable funding for food, clothing, medical care for immigrants” who come to the United States. She is welcoming people that commit twice as many crimes per person as citizens, that have carried enough drugs to kill 72,000 citizens per year, cost taxpayers $72,000 each per year, crowd our schools that must be taught in Spanish and require tutors at additional cost mandated by Democrat-dominated legislatures seeking favor with Latino neighborhoods.

America is so deeply in debt that if it were a person, or family, it would be declared insolvent, or bankrupt, unable to borrow another Dollar, but as it can print money Democrats continue to pass spending bills regardless the fact they are creating a national collapse. Nonetheless, Nancy rambles on:

“We’re hoping that we can find common ground as soon as possible so that we can not only meet our responsibility to protect our border, to treat people coming here with dignity and respect but also to keep the government open. Some of the things that we have in there I think will be very acceptable goes on both sides of the ledger. We both care, all of us on either side of the wall question, but all care about treating the people who come, so there will be sizable funding for food, clothing, medical care for immigrants coming across the border so we don’t have people dying in our custody, children,”
It should be painfully clear that Nancy is buying votes with our money, not hers. While she declares “Walls don’t work!” she lives behind one in San Francisco. Perhaps she is preparing for the day the people of America catch onto what she has been doing.

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