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President Trump was forced to back down. The Democrats and their Media put out sob stories on “poor government workers suffering w/o paychecks,” The public seemed to blame our President, even though Republicans offered 3 bills to pay the government workers.  Pelosi and others refused to negotiate and instead chose to go off on a 12-day junket to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan. Democrats used their usual carefully orchestrated tactics; designed to escalate, cause chaos and humiliate our President; without a care as to the damage they were causing our country.   The TSA union threatened a walk-off at airports.  Air Traffic Controllers called in sick.  Christopher Wray, our acting AG, sobbed how upset he was that his people were not being paid. (He wasn’t upset at the travesty of an unending “investigation” of our President for “Russian Collusion”, started even before he was elected, by a Special Counsel and his group of Democrats; virtually all of whom had been involved in actually colluding with the Russians to create the utterly false “Trump Dossier;”  and who had also been involved in treasonously colluding with the Russians to sell them 20% of our vital National Security Asset, Uranium! The Media played up the chaos.  And President Trump was forced to end the partial government shut down.

Democrats and their Media are gloating about their “Victory”.  Pelosi still won’t allow the President to give the State of the Union Address. Possibly because she and Schumer became a laughing stock when trying to respond to President Trump’s last national address.  And possibly because she doesn’t want President Trump to inform the American public just how dangerous the border is.  And Schumer, who kept saying “open the government and we’ll talk”; now says they are still “firmly against the wall.” 

The appalling consequences of illegal immigrants impact us, ordinary people; not the elites living behind walls and guarded by security staff carrying gunsMS-13 thugs are killing our people.  Yet Schumer and Pelosi refuse to see the Gold Star families.  Illegals are bringing in dreadful diseases, such as drug-resistant TB, chikungunya, dengue fever, etc. through the open border – the latest being flesh-eating bacteria. They are committing Identity fraud. There was a 307% increase in illegals entries in 2 months of F/Y 2019 over 2018 and 48,287 family units were caught. Counting just 2 per family unit, that is 50,000 individuals apprehended per month.  And this does not count those who got in w/o being apprehended.  Right now, yet another caravan with 12,000 people are waiting to crash our borders.

They are smuggling in drugs.  90% of the Opium and Fentanyl is coming through the border.  In Chico, 1 died & 12 young people had to be hospitalized b/c of Fentanyl. Fentanyl is so toxic that cops have to wear hazmat suits and masks when going into places where it has been injected.  Yesterday, 5 Huston cops were shot trying to serve a drug warrant.   Entire American families are devastated when one member gets addicted. Every month, over 700 of our people, mostly our youth, are dying of drug overdoses. Drug addicts become homeless.  Democrats “solve” the problem by giving out 42,000 needles a month in San Francisco alone and providing “safe spaces” for the addicts to inject themselves.

Have you ever considered where the money given to addicts via EBT cards goes?  Why, to drugs, of course.  It is a straight line: Taxpayer -> Government -> EBT card -> Homeless Addict -> Drug dealer -> Drug Cartel.  In this way, our taxpayer money supports the Drug Cartels!!  Of course, homelessness has increased.  And Democrats are destroying once beautiful cities like San Francisco, Portland & Seattle.  And the Democrat “solution’?  Keep the public in ignorance; get their Social Media companies to hide the information, and delete conservatives’ posts!!

Americans who have doubts about the dangers of illegal immigration should check out what has happened to Europe:  Europe is in chaos.   Leftist politicians, the Pope, and other leftist clergy strongly support importing more and more illegals.  They attack any native born who opposes this.  The French Yellow Vests have been protesting for over 3 months.  Yet Macron doesn’t listen to them.  Instead, Yellow Vests are attacked with water cannon and tear gas.   Their leader was just injured seriously by French forces. Their leader was just seriously injured by French forces. They will have to give their lives to defend their country.  And it is not so clear they will win.

Now Europe’s Muslim population is beginning to overtake that of the natives:   Barbaric Islamic practices have been imported into Europe.  Shari’ah law is enforced.  Women have no rights.  Child “marriages” are allowed.  “Honor” killings of women are permitted.  Female Genital Mutilation and Breast Ironing are ignored.  Vast gangs of Muslims groom, rape and sell little children for sex.  Little children are being raped on the way to school.  Going out to a nightclub or concert is no longer safe.  Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were marred with bombs and rapes.  Even with the strictest gun control; London’s crime rate is rising rapidly, with knifings, machete attacks, and acid attacks being perpetrated on native Britishers virtually every day. But politicians hide the cost of illegals and the number of crimes they commit.

With all this harm being caused, why do Democrats favor Illegals over Americans?  Why do Democrats create Sanctuary Cities and even a Sanctuary State that protects criminal illegals who prey mainly on other illegals and the poor they profess to love?  Why do CA & NY leaders release criminal illegals even after they have been convicted? Why do they refuse to co-operate with ICE?  Why do they want to abolish ICE?

Why are Democrats dead set against the wall?  In 2006 & 2013, the Democrats previously acknowledged a wall is vital to our national security and voted to fund it.  But now, they have converted it to a game in which voters are asked to “punish” the President by refusing to build a wall!  They make every excuse under the sun to prevent a wall being built.  They say that the crisis is a “manufactured” crisis.  They say the real problem is visa overstays.  That drugs are being brought in through the ports of entry, and not from where the border is wide open.  They say the wall is immoral.  That it is a stain on our National integrity.  That our country should be represented by the Statue of Liberty and not by a wall.  That concrete is disgusting – but then, they don’t even want a steel wall. That it costs too much – though they authorize billions to build walls for other countries. That a wall won’t work; that people can climb over it; that they can dig under it, even though 65 countries have built walls since the Berlin Wall fell.

They natter about using “technology” to “create border security”.   But, short of having technology that automatically shoots or electrocutes someone coming in; mere technology can never stop anyone coming in.  Technology shows who is coming in.  But it cannot stop them.  And this will just permit illegals to storm the border and overwhelm our border agents. And even if caught, they are entitled to stay in America until their asylum applications are processed.  And 92% never return for their asylum hearings.  Meantime, our border agents have to risk their lives to try to stop hordes of people storming the border.

Democrats will convert our country into Mexico:  If they get their way, Democrats will turn our border cities; and eventually, our entire country; into filthy, crime ridden, poverty stricken, Mexican cities; wholly controlled by Drug Cartels. Don’t believe me?  Just look at what they have already done to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago etc These cities are now riddled with feces, needles and drug addicts.  They are dangerous, ugly and unsafe. Now, Democrats refuse to talk at all; because it is abundantly clear they don’t have any good excuse to refuse to build a wall to protect the American people.

They do not “Hate” our President:  This is a silly explanation; probably put out by a Democrat operative to distract us.  Democrat opposition to the wall is based purely on the furtherance of their business interests.

People claim Democrats want illegals for their votes:  This is only partly true.  But if the issue is getting votes; they could get votes by negotiating to increase the number of people coming in legally.    So, what is the difference between a legal entrant and an illegal entrant?

Illegals are Vital to the Drug Cartels’ Business & a Wall Destroys their Business:  The Drug Cartels’ business consists of (a) charging for bringing in illegals; (b) remittances sent back by MS-13 thugs and other illegals, and (c) making money off drugs.  A wall strikes at all elements of the Drug Cartels’ profits.  A wall will prevent the Drug Cartels from charging $15,000/illegal because a legal entrant will not pay the cartels to bring them in. At roughly 50,000 illegals coming in each month, each paying $15,000 for passage; that alone constitutes a massive loss of their income of $75 million per month!!    A wall will also prevent the Cartels from bringing in drugs because a legal entrant will not carry in drugs.   That will cause another loss to their $40 billion a year drug business.

The Cartel Paid a $100 million bribe to Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto:  El Chapo’s former Sinaloa cartel secretary Alex Cifuentes told jurors in a New York court that he arranged for the $100 million payment to the Mexican President; and lesser payments to other politicians of the Mexican government, just south of the border.

Think hard:  Are you really naïve enough to think the Drug Cartels are not paying off American Democrat Politicians north of the border?  How else can you explain the Democrats’ refusal to build a wall that 72% of Americans want?

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