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Be very careful what you say, think long and hard, maybe twice, before you speak. There are select groups: ethnic, racial, religious and gender related that possesses the power and capacity to deny Americans their beliefs and free speech rights.

There are certain historical and post modern facts about each of these entities that if not spoken about correctly, with precision and without criticism and any trace of indifference or disapproval, could cause the wrath of ages to befall the speaker. An innocent error, a misspoken word or sentence, or just plain ignorance of the subject will not be tolerated, and could be cause for rebuke, criticism, and public ridicule and embarrassment.

You might even be subjected to demands that call for you to resign your position, or be fired. And in most cases, apology’s not accepted. So should you decide to comment on such subjects as slavery, race, Islam, homosexuality, be certain you have the facts, don’t become too opinionated or question conventional wisdom or understanding of the subject, lest you be accused of anti-Semitism, racism, Islamophobia, and homophobia.

So while the world burns, the hypocrites in the biased media, press, liberal establishment, punditry, and cultural elite, devote cover stories and space in their tabloids and segments on cable news to a press secretary who misspoke in conveying an opinion in attempting to bring context to the subject in question. This form of political correctness and selective outrage is completely out of control. I believe there are many of the American people who are sick and tired of it, and most of us who do not harbor hatred and bias understood exactly what Mr. Spicer meant.


Oh what a tangled web this president weaves, his detractors he often deceives. There is a problem afoot that is exploding all around us. During the campaign candidate Trump was adamant in the promises he made and the positions he took on various issues. It now seems Mr. Trump has had the audacity to reconsider his position on certain of these issues.

So, what is the problem? Can the media, political class, snowflakes, and anti-Trumpists, not comprehend that often when circumstances change, so too do minds. Let’s admit it; this president is driving the establishment to their wits end. I believe his every move is calculated, and he relishes the fact that the democrats, “fake” biased media and all his detractors are in a state of confusion and upheaval.


We’ve all heard that old saying “if you can’t beat ‘em’ join them”, but when it comes to democrats and their radical base, its more; if you can’t beat ‘em’ destroy them. Because they lack the talent and capacity to compete in the arena of ideas with conservatives, liberals have no other recourse but to do everything in their power to exact revenge and hopefully through distractions, unfounded accusations and subterfuge, take advantage of the Fox cable channel, when it is the throes of controversy and difficult times. Yes indeed, the knives are out, this is their chance for the left to gain the top prize which has eluded them for years.

Whatever your thoughts are on this sorry situation, keep in mind Bill O’Reilly has been in the crosshairs of the liberal establishment, especially the radical activist group Media Matters, for almost two decades. Thus far the five women who have come forward with accusations of sexual abuse against O’Reilly have not produced any concrete evidence, except their word of mouth. Fox News in order to avoid what would probably be a lengthy and embarrassing public trial, with its enemies in the media salivating and out for blood, decided to pay off these women and allow the matter to hopefully fade into the mists of time.

As I was completing this article, word came across the airwaves that Fox News had fired Bill O’Reilly; this is disappointing. Apparently the cable channel lost its nerve and acquiesced to the media and liberal radical hate groups like the one mentioned above. I for one will miss Mr. O’Reilly, yes he could be rather petulant and raspy, and confrontational which is what the viewers expected, and at times somewhat of a blowhard, but he also was entertaining and informative. The question now is who will become the successor to the king.


Could it be possible that I might be out of touch with main stream in America?  Pepsi Co. runs an ad that employs a celebrity, Kendall Jenner, joining in a staged street protest. And in order to ease tensions and possibly quell hostility, she breaks away from the protest and offers a soft drink to a police officer. What is so wrong with this? You would think the ad insults or disparages the protesters or the radical Black Lives Matter grievous group. The police have been under siege for years now; I thought this ad was showing support and respect for their sacrifice and efforts.


I will stand up for the dignity and sanctity of life, for family and friends, for the flag, America and her people, for religious liberty and freedom, and traditional values. I will stand up for the destitute and oppressed peoples throughout the world, for the sick, especially the very young and old, for the men and women in uniform, for peace and an end to war, for the obliteration of hunger and homelessness. I will stand up for a better government, for a better educational system. But in an article in the New York Daily News one David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winner no less, wants people to “Stand up and demand Trump’s tax returns”. We should all stand up and demand the Pulitzer committee rescind the prize.

The derangement syndrome goes on unabated, and continues to bring to our attention, whether we like it or not, any and all inane, desperate and feeble attempts to undermine and hopefully, in the minds of the afflicted deranged bring an end to the Trump presidency.

In another matter entirely, a liberal cable news commentator expressed support for the Syrian missile attack, and for this his fan base admonished and criticized him for his betrayal, he responded quite appropriately “Do we want what’s best for America, or what’s worst for Trump”, I could not have said it better.

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