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By Jeff Davidson,The Durham Report, released days ago, makes it abundantly clear that an array of former top government officials – Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper, leading the way – have committed serious offenses against the United States. Yet, no one has spent a day in jail or likely has even feared the prospects. And why should they: Democrats have apparently been above the law for several years running.A major case in point: Two years ago, Senator Chuck Grassley, formerly the Senate Judiciary Committee chairperson who conducted the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, posed a question to the U.S. Department of Justice. Grassley wanted to find out why the many individuals who had committed perjury have yet to be indicted.The investigation conducted by the Senate Judiciary Committee in November 2018, revealed that nearly every allegation made against Brett Kavanaugh, especially allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford were devoid of credibility and, generally, were blatantly false. The Senate Judiciary Committee presented a 414-page report to Congress.We’d All Like to Know
 Grassley essentially said that, “We had some bogus allegations against now Justice Kavanaugh. We know people lied to Congress and that’s against the law.” So he presented a criminal referral to the Department of Justice seeking prosecution. Tick-tock, two years have passed and why has no action been taken by DOJ? Numerous Russiagate criminals likely won’t spend time in prison unless major action is taken by House Republicans. James Comey won’t spend a day in jail despite lying to Congress. Andrew McCabe, dismissed by the FBI for ‘lack of candor’ and for other infractions, is still as free as bird. James Clapper will not likely spend a single day in prison, yet he lied to Congress, and then lied again about his lie, saying that “he was confused.”Perhaps the most hardened criminal director that the CIA has ever had to endure, John Brennan likely will serve no time in lock-up. Brennan flagrantly conspired in the White House, with Barack Obama and Joe Biden, when he coughed up information revealing that Hillary Clinton had purchased a fake dossier to besmirch Donald Trump.Not one of the people above is slated to be indicted, yet some have earned lengthy prison sentences for treason.Major Offenders
The kingpin of domestic political criminals, Barack Obama, will not likely spend a day behind bars. In fact, he is still enjoying his third term as president, due to his deft control of Joe Biden. Obama weaponized the federal agencies, undermined Trump, and spent four years (of treasonous activities) to thwart the Trump Administration. Yet, all of this likely will go un-prosecuted.Everyone connected with the Obama Administration, including the Eric Holder, the first U.S. attorney general held in contempt of Congress, and whose criminality in terms of allowing Black Panther intimidation in Philadelphia and a variety of other egregious acts, likely won’t spend one minute behind bars.Likewise, Lois Lerner, who quashed the Tea Party movement 11 years ago by illegally using the power of her government position to intimidate, harass, and hinder Tea Party members, likely won’t see a single day in prison. In fact, she has been on the public dole for 10 years running and receives a generous government healthy pension.The one and only Hillary Clinton won’t spend a day in prison for any of the 33,000+ subpoenaed emails that she deliberately deleted. Yet, rank and file servicemen and women will serve 6 to 12 months or more in a federal penitentiary for the crime of deleting even one classified email.Each member of Hillary Clinton’s corrupt staff will see no jail time. Not John Podesta, whose crimes are well-documented, or Huma Abedin, whose continual obfuscation and manipulations for Hillary Clinton deserve major scrutiny.So Much More
All of the sinister activities to get Joe Biden ‘elected’ and virtually all of the treasonous individuals who participated in the election fraud are still free and un-indicted. And Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family, thus far, remain untouched.In the coming months, as 2020 election-related crimes are more fully exposed, will the clamor from the Right be sufficiently loud and long? After all, YEARS have gone by with no progress.Are the puppet masters waiting for Joe Biden to croak or are they keeping him under their control for as long as practical? Who can say? Concurrently, the puppet masters will do anything in their power to harass, belittle, and indict those on the Right for even the slightest of offenses. This includes process crimes.We dwell in a society with a two-tiered justice system, to our national shame as a representative republic. Until justice is dispensed fairly and equally, regardless of the party, the challenge before us remains clear and vital.

Jeff Davidson


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