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Liberals are saying that Trump’s inauguration has made America as divided as when Lincoln was inaugurated in 1861.  Do they even know what happened in 1861?  That’s when Democrats went to war with Republicans to keep their slaves.

Dowd says Trump’s election like Lincoln in 1861 with America divided

As Rush Limbaugh said, he hasn’t seen the Democrats this mad since the Republicans took their slaves away.  With Trump in office promising to give businesses breaks from Democrat’s crushing taxes and regulations so they can create jobs, plus closing the borders so they cannot import cheap labor and illegal voters, Democrats are as furious as when Lincoln was inaugurated. Now the Left has declared that they are ready to go to war with Trump to keep their welfare voter slaves.

Obama is rightfully upset that a Christian is now in the White House who will work to stop jihadi terrorists, street gangs, and whacko rioters from rampaging through our cities.  His plan to fundamentally transform the Great Satan into a socialist Islamo-Nazi toilet is being undone and Democrats are powerless to stop it.  Their media propagandists are impotent in the face of Trump’s brutal honesty, and their party, populated by Communist fossils from the 60s, has only racists and Islamists to turn to for their future.

Before they go to war, though, they might want to reconsider.  Last time the South was the Democrats and the North Republican.  Southerners are used to hunting, shooting their rifles, were motivated to defend their state’s rights, and their generals were the best in the business.  This time the Southerners will be the Republicans who are heavily armed and know how to use their weapons, and are motivated to not be slaves to the state to support their welfare pigs.  While the Democrats have a bunch of liberals who are afraid of guns, and those that have guns are criminals and gang members.  Good luck having them come to your defense.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) calls Trump’s secretaries the “Swamp Cabinet of bankers and billionaires.”  These people, who already achieved great success, are not the same as politicians who go into government to get rich like the Clintons, Gore, Reid, Pelosi, the Obamas, etc.  Democrats can only cite propaganda that Republicans are racists.  But Democrats have had a century with most of the power in the country and what has improved for minorities?  Under Obama blacks have regressed until they are as bad off as they were in the 60s.  There is only so much delusion propagandists can pass off until even the most ignorant people get a clue.

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