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Republicans need conservatives who will work well with Trump rather than RINOs like McCain & Co. who work well with Democrats.  What do Democrats bring to the table to offer the American people?  Sucking the life out of the economy?  Inviting foreign invaders to take over?  Cursing Republicans as being subhuman bigots?  Making America a lowly state in the New World Order?  Warping young ignorant minds with their indoctrination propaganda?  Lemmings follow and do as they are told.  Intelligent, thinking, morally righteous Americans see through their lies and understand that Democrats are the poison that will kill the Golden Goose.

RINO betrayers stand against the Trump agenda

McCain will be sorely missed – by Democrats.  The Arizona RINO did more to advance the cause of Democrats than he ever did that of Republicans with Reagan, Bush, or Trump as president.  Other RINOs have threatened President Trump if he ousts indolent AG Jeff Sessions who hasn’t lifted a finger against Democrat crimes and sits on his thumb as Trump people are persecuted.  The Washington elites are in terror of his installing someone like Trey Gowdy who would go after the corrupt swamp rats like a bloodhound because they know they would be caught in the dragnet.  Both senators from the two states of Arizona and Alaska have been fighting Trump tooth and nail to help Democrats obstruct his agenda – betraying their voters in the process.  The leftwing media keeps its viewers in the dark about Trump’s achievements and Democrat machinations by telling them what to believe because most are too shallow-minded to investigate the facts for themselves.

Democrats do not want to see Trump successfully fill the Supreme Court and lower courts with Constitutionalists as they are the left’s go-to kangaroo courts to overturn law from the bench as Republicans make anti-corruption laws to undo leftism.  Their media portrayal of Trump as a despotic tyrant falls on its face with informed viewers.  During McCain’s funeral, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was out indoctrinating children into the phony ideology of socialist utopia.  At the funeral, Democrats in the media called VP Mike Pence a “Christian Supremacist” who wants to overthrow righteous atheists to establish a government religion (you mean like socialist atheism or Islam?) and scorned his presence.  Meanwhile, at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, Islamist Farrakhan was honored along with multi-million-dollar tax dodger Al Sharpton.

McCain’s funeral an orgy of leftist praise

The McCain’s invited President Trump and Gov. Palin to not attend his funeral, which speaks volumes about their allegiance to the left.  Obama was there to speak of government leaders seeming “small, mean, and petty.”  Was the arrogant narcissist speaking of himself?  “Teabaggers” believe so.  Former President Bush remarked that John McCain “detested the abuse of power – could not abide bigots and swaggering despots.”  Were he, too, speaking of Obama his remarks would fall right in line with history.  But if he was referring to Trump then his remarks are wholly leftist lies of indoctrinators.  Veterans of the Iraq War he led took great offense at now being labelled as bigots following a despot:

Iraqi Vet slams Bush for criticizing Trump at McCain’s funeral

The icing on the cake of hypocrisy for the day was McCain’s daughter Meghan who said, “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”  This flies in the face of Democrats who say, “America was never great.”  Or perhaps not as McCain’s “bipartisanship,” his idea of “reaching across the aisle” to Democrats, was always in submitting to Democrat policies at the expense of the Republican voters who elected him to stop the leftist communists.  McCain’s last act as a senator was to completely betray his voters by voting in the Senate against repealing ObamaCare.  This act of petty, mean spitefulness against President Trump at the expense of the people is the act that defines McCain’s service in government.  McCain was lauded by Democrats as the best of Republicans because he always followed their lead.  Democrats only see America as great when they are leading the nation down the road to Hell.

Thank God for President Donald Trump who now stands against the tide of leftist atheist/Islamist socialism that Obama almost succeeded in imposing on this great nation.  Republicans like Trump are a thousand times more qualified than all the Democrat and RINO lawyers combined when it comes to leading this nation to prosperity for the people.  While they slander Trump as a despot, he leads this nation righteously in the opposite direction of Obammunism.  While they scorn his tweets as “unpresidential,” he exposes their hateful ideology.  Try as they might to poison the nation against Trump as they did against Bush, their caricatures and misrepresentations are being turned back on them and thrown into their faces.  Trump’s tweets keep people focused on what Democrats are doing, the lies they are telling, and the rotten seeds they attempt to sow.  Only the most myopic of liberals fall for their frauds.  The tide is turning as more and more Democrats realize that Trump is truly leading America back to greatness from the descent of Obama’s decline.

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Proverbs 1:7, KJV: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

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