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On behalf of our forefathers, our milita, and our Constitution, I just want to take a moment to thank the Demo Donkeys for showing us the way to truth. Trump supporters, I am sorry to say this but we’ve had it all wrong. And I think it’s time for us to apologize.

So here goes… we the People of the United States renounce the second amendment. We apologize for believing we have the right to bear arms. We do not have the right to bear arms. We do not have the right to defend ourselves. This country has been established for no other reason than to hand over to a Neo Ottoman Empire and it’s about time we all wake up to our destiny.
Everyone knows the Crusaders had no right to defend themselves against world domination. Come on you right wing rascists… these people believe in peace! They believe in god… so much so that they murder, rape and pillage in his name… Alu Akbar!

Are you actually going to tell me you refuse to learn from history? Let me make it simple for you… if we had not borne arms against the political Islamic movement in the middle ages…. then the whole world would now be living peacefully under Sharia Law… …under those who know best for us.

So as a patriot I apologize. I apologize for our currency that says we believe in the Judeo Christian God rather than Allah. I apologize for our refusal to fly a black Isis flag above our White House… for all the women in our country who will not wear a burqua.. who do not see the hijab as a national symbol. I apologize for the national anthem, the cross of Christ and everything else that offends those who by right should be in control.

I do this because it is our responsibility to renounce… and the Muslim’s responsibility to know best. It is well known that Mohammad was careful to know best as he himself was not sure whether or not the “revelation” he received was from an angel or a gin. He was so careful to know best that he had one of his scribes who wrote the revelation for him make changes to his inspiration as needed.

We apologize for founding beliefs like the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We apologize for believing in a good God who gives us good truths, protects His people, encourages us to celebrate and rest and dwells amongst and within us holding all things together in His powerful right hand.

It is the Moslem god who is true. Did he not prove his goodness by giving his prophet the command to read/recite and strangling him until he agreed? Has this god not proven his strength and worth by continuing to spread his gospel by means of force? This god was not so foolish as to ask his disciples to rest with him. This god shows great wisdom in commanding those who propagate his kingdom to fight without an end in sight. Fighting is not a silly means to an end.. it is the end.. the goal…to fight and fight until all are conquered and once all are conquered to scrutinize the actions of those under Sharia peace as well… scrutinizing.. punishing… fighting.. always fighting. There is no rest for the valiant. He is the King of the 6th day…not the silly one who calls His people to rest on the 7th. See how valiant is the great Muslim god? America it is our responsibility to lay down our arms before him.

Repent with me if you will and open your eyes not only to the Neo Ottoman Empire but to the Democratic party as well. Islamic tradition considers Ishmael the ancestor of the Arabic people.

Even in our own Judeo/Christian Scripture we know about Ishmael and that he was a wild donkey of a man. The Demo Donkeys and many descendants of Ishmael have joined hands, or ought I say hooves to wreak havoc in terrorist activities, in looting and fires and obscene threats against all who will not follow them into peace.

You know… if I actually believed in Biblical prophesy I would have to wonder about the symbolic connection between the wild donkey Ishmael, the democratic donkey symbol and the crazy things that the Demo’s and Muslims are pushing for. But according to the well knowing left I am not allowed to think these things… speak these things.. so in the spirit of peace that is asked of me I repent. I lay down not only my arms but the rights of all Americans to bear arms. Why? Because they say so.

This article is my own small way of standing up for what I believe… of not giving the bully my lunch money just because he says so. It is our constitutional right and responsibility to defend our families and countries against this horrible thing trying to enter our land.

“The world is a dangerous place to live: not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein


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