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The Democrat Party scoffed when Donald Trump announced that he was running for president. There were 17 other Republicans running against him for the nomination. Everybody (all Democrats, many Republicans) thought he was a joke. He did things no politician had ever done before and they said, many times, he was finished. And he continued on, while his opponents fell by the wayside, one by one. They accused him of sexual misconduct. As is usual, many women spoke up and said he had sexually abused them, with no more proof than their unsupported word. But, unlike with Bill Cosby and Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, nobody (of any consequence) believed them, and they too, fell by the wayside They told us right along, that Trump “couldn’t win,” that he was “unfit for the presidency,” and would soon fall out. He did not.

They plotted and planned to keep him from getting enough delegates at the GOP Convention to get the nomination, but he did, anyway. Then they said, “He can’t possibly beat Hillary. They thought “the fix was in,” and even screwed Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat nomination, although he won most of the primaries. Not that I’d ever want an ADMITTED socialist in the White House, but I’d rather see him lose HONESTLY. Even the chair of the Democrat Party lost her job over that. Trump engendered something that really surprised me, although I think something similar happened when another “outsider,” Ronald Reagan, ran before him, winning by landslides, twice, he was opposed by his own party. Still, he persevered.

Still, they laughed at him and his candidacy while planning and plotting, doing every “dirty trick” they could think of to stop him, including suddenly trying to get laws passed to allow felons to vote, and allowing illegal aliens to vote, too, while allowing DEAD people to vote for Hillary, a “signature scam from Obama’s home town, Chicago. They couldn’t. They maintained, to the very end, that he couldn’t win, was unfit for the job, and the very thought of Trump as president, was laughable. But nobody except liberals (Democrats) were laughing. After they schemed and planned ways to deny him the Electors he had earned including death threats to electors if they voted for Trump, he won the Electoral College and was certified as the 45th President of the United States. Still, they “jumped up and down,” whined and cried, rioted (using Democrat money), a few rioters trying to make us think half the nation didn’t want him to be their president.

The same people who rioted in Ferguson, MO, and other places where liberals LIED to make us think things that are not true. I’m convinced those people did it on Democrat money, and were getting, not only travel expenses paid by the Democrat Party, but were getting a weekly paycheck from Democrats. They’re still saying there is NO WAY Trump will ever be inaugurated. They’re even talking about IMPEACHMENT, even before he takes office. I don’t know for what, but they’ll think of something. Now, the only way they can stop him is to kill him, and, with the long lists of people who died in unusual, sometimes IMPOSSIBLE ways just before they were to testify against a Democrat, I wouldn’t put it past them. But if they do, there will still be a Republican in the White House, come January. They whine, cry, stomp their feet, and show their abysmal IGNORANCE daily. I’m “older than dirt, and I’ve never seen the amount of fools out there still not willing to admit he won that there are, today. If they stay that way, they’re in for a nasty four (maybe 8) years, as he “drains the swamp” and gets rid of as many of the filthy dirty politicians and bureaucrats (mostly liberal Democrats) now holding office in DC.

I think, if they continue this way, the Democrat Party will go the way of the Whigs, to be replaced by the Tea Party.


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