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That’s all they got folks:


I have seen a plethora of comments from people on the internet that shout out, “I don’t give a *#&*# & ! * # about sex tapes or groping;” what they are scared to death about is the continuing destruction of our country’s traditional American values, and the insidious corruption of our government under Obama with Hillary promising to continue that destruction and corruption if she is elected president.

I think I am a fairly normal guy.  I got married in 1961 when I was 25 my wife was 21, we are having our 55th wedding anniversary this year.  We had two children, a girl and a boy.  Both are productive Americans, hard workers, never been involved in drugs, never had any trouble with law enforcement.  I have four grandchildren, two boys and two girls.  All four are great kids; each one has something interesting going for them.  Our children and grandchildren all have made my wife and I very proud.

I have been around the world, been friendly with many people, heard the talk and walked the walk.  And so have many of you, so let’s try and put things into an honest perspective.

As I was growing up, I went to high school, three semesters of collage, enlisted in the Air Force, lived in barracks, went to war in Vietnam, flew 75 combat missions, retired from the Air Force, became Vice President of Sales for three companies over about 20 years, went to trade shows, manager meetings, sales training classes, worked out in gyms, changed in locker rooms, and I have to tell you with all honesty, Donald Trump’s comments on the tape, that our main stream media and the Democrat Party are so on fire about, in my life experience, to me do not seem  unique.

In my life I have heard that style of trashy talk by some very important people. I have heard it in my military life and in my civilian life. It wasn’t always about sex, more often it was using sex words to fill out insults.  Sometimes it was just tough and harsh talk using four letter words.  I have heard it from high ranking military officers and from civilian company Presidents, and CEO’S .  In fact in my life some of those choice words were directed, by a two star general, right to me.  Ah yes, I remember it well.

Now before some of you ladies get too exercised and angry with my comments, I will also guarantee you when I was in the Air Force I have heard language coming from some Air Force ladies, concerning things they were unhappy with, that my dear mother would have been very embarrassed to hear.

At trade shows and managers meetings, after a few friendly drinks in the bar, some of the lady managers and company officers comments about people they disagreed with were not so different from comments made by the men and would fit right in with a few of Trumps words.

So as usual at this time in our country, the media and he Dem’s are very selective with their rage and anger about who said what to who and why.  Anyone who is over (used to be 21 but now probably 14) and has been involved with people in heated conversations has heard and probably used some language that would not be acceptable, even on CNN.  So can we please get on with what is important and critical for our country and drop all this fol-de-rol angst about real life.

Under the Obama administration, with Hillary filling his most important cabinet post, Secretary of State, for half of Obama’s presidency, the Soros progressive, Marxists, and far left agenda has been in full swing.  Obama’s mantra about “Fundamentally Transforming American” is still full speed ahead, of course he never told us why and into what.  Far too many Americans weren’t engaged enough to ask those questions.

Under Obama and Hillary, the people of this country, at least those who have been paying attention and give a damm, have seen the respect for our country dangerously diminished around the world; domestically, the economy of  our country is in the worst shape it has seen since the great depression of the 1930’s, the scale of corruption under the Obama administration is unsurpassed historically in our country; our military is at its lowest ability to perform its constitutional mission to protect our country since before World War II, and yet Hillary and the Dem’s can only desperately pursue persona comments in this election. That’s all they got folks.

I learned in an early age one never believes anything a devious, lying persons says, only what they actually do.  So what has Hillary actually accomplished in her life?  Hillary cannot seriously describe what real policies she is responsible for, what few she has put forward have all failed or put our country in danger. Even her syncopates cannot answer the simple question, “what significant policies does Hillary, as Secretary of State, have on her resume?”   Hillary has done nothing in her long and dubious career of any lasting value or positive consequence.  She is an empty, but most likely dangerous, pants suit.

The fact that Hillary is a proven congenital liar has long been known and she reinforces that truth daily.  Even worse,  there is copious evidence that Hillary, when things don’t go just the way she desires, alters into a mania form, cussing, swearing and vilely insulting those who are under her control with words that would make Trump blush.

The latest shocking (at least shocking for sane people) news has just come out.  Hillary had scheduled an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC.  As is the game plan for the Clinton’s, Lauer had received a script from Hillary’s team showing Lauer the questions to be asked Hillary.  Woops, Lauer had the temerity to ask some questions not on that prepared script.  The questions were about Hillary’s home brew unsecured email server and her transmitting and receiving classified message traffic over it.  Of course Hillary avoided answering those questions and the interview then went on to completion.

However the wall of shame that Hillary has always had to protect her may just have started to come apart a little, because we now know what happened after that interview ended.

After the interview ended, NBC technicians and cameramen have told the world:  Hillary went crazy angry and incensed that she had been “blind -sided” by those questions from Laue she was not prepared for, had no truthful answer for and that was not on her approved script given to Lauer.

Behind the scene, Hillary proceeded to pick up a full glass of water and threw it in the face of her assistant and the screaming started.  Hillary then went into her full meltdown mode and no one on her staff dared to speak to her.

      Hillary was screaming to her staff, “you f***ing idiots, you were supposed to have this thing set up for me and you screwed it up!  If that f***ing bastard wins we all hang from nooses!  Lauer’s finished and if I lose it’s all on you ass****s for screwing this up.”

     Interim DNC chairman, Donna Brazile, the first black woman to hold the position, was singled out by Hillary during the rant.  Hillary screamed at Brazile, “I’m so sick of your face.”  “You stare at the wall like a brain dead buffalo while letting that f***ing Lauer get away with this.”  “What are you good for, really?  “Get the f*** to work janitoring this mess, do I make myself clear?”

My friends that type of scene and Hillary is not unusual. I will provide another example:

The latest example of the real Hillary and the way she treats her serfs; that’s right I said serfs because the way Hillary conducts herself in private can only be compared to some medieval potentate who believes she rules by divine right, is omnipotent and will suffer no criticism of her dictates.

I promise just one more, just one more example:

The truth is I could continue with so many more examples this could turn  into a massive compendium of Hillary’s contemptible verbal excesses.


These are the facts about what an Army NCO, a Staff-Sargent Eric Bommer, a K-9 dog handler, assigned to the 39th Security Services Squadron experienced doing his duty to inspect quarters assigned to Hillary Clinton in Turkey. His duty is to inspect the quarters of American diplomats in foreign countries with the Diplomat’s Security Service Details.  The K-9 has the ability to recognize things like hidden explosives, I would have thought that was a good thing.  Not so much to Hillary.

Staff Sargent Boomer tells us: “One of my last details was for Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. She was in Turkey for whatever reason.  I helped with the bomb sweeps of her D.V. (Distinguished Visitors) quarters and staff vehicles.  Upon seeing me, her first words to me were: “Get that ****ing dog away from me.” Then she turns to her Security Detail and berates them up and down about why that animal was in her quarters. For the next 20 minutes, while I sat there waiting to be released, she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she finally finished.  The detail lead walks over and apologizes to me.  I apologize to him for getting him in trouble.  His words, “happens every day brother.”

Think about this paradigm, Hillary is the Secretary of State, yet she doesn’t even understand the reason for the K-9 bomb and explosives sweep; she inanely  doesn’t remember the security procedures she must have been briefed on, and  she immediately flies into her manic mode and starts insulting her Security Detail as well as the dog.

Sargent Boomer now says he would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

This is the real Hillary Clinton when things do not happen the way she demands. Her phony toothy smiles and whoopy attitude are no longer there.  There are abundant conformations about Hillary’s manic treatment to those who have the disagreeable task of working for her.  Books have been written about how Hillary treats those she thinks of as underlings for her rotten career.  These objectionable traits are easily found, just google them.

She speaks about Trump not being fit to handle a nuclear situation.  She shouldn’t be allowed to supervise a fireworks stand on the 4th of July.  This woman has all the traits of a bi-polar (1) affected person.  She must not be elected president.  But to continue.

We now have proven evidence from her WikiLeaks emails that Hillary has and will continue to betray her country with her “Pay to Play” schemes that enrich the Clinton Crime Family’s coffers; this further indicts her blemished character.    Hillary has no business being in any position of political power in this country ever again; not even dog catcher for her home town of Chappaqua New York.

The Democrat Party has a long history of vomiting out disgraceful and almost always false accusations against whatever politician is threating one of their candidates in an election. I guess Hillary thinks, why not, it works for Obama and according to some popularity polls still does.  That indicates far too many Americans still have their heads firmly inserted in one of their largest orifices and refuse to concern themselves with reality.

Too many Americans didn’t and don’t understand that Obama has turned Reverend Martin Luther King’s philosophy upside down; “Be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Obama was elected primarily because of the color of his skin, not the content of his character.  Hell he spent millions of dollars to hide any information about the content of his character, after this election we may start finding out just how shady his character actually is.

In this volatile election year of 2016, the lies continue with obeisance of our corrupt media.  A lady named Jessica Leeds is quoted by the New York Times accusing Trump of raising the divider between their seats and groping her like an octopus, she said this took place 30 years ago in the first class section of an aircraft.

As the entire world should know by now, the New York Times has lost any honor and credibility for this election, actually forever, some time ago; as WikiLeaks has exposed, the paper is a captive of the Clinton Crime Machine.  The paper never attempted to vet the truth of Leeds accusation, why:  well of course, Leeds is supporting Hillary.

Jessica Leeds (74 years old) also has lost any credibility.  Her claim stated that Trump raised the divider between their seats and started groping her.  Big problem with that nonsense, the seat dividers in the first class section of those aircraft did not then and do not now raise up, they are permanently fixed.  And to make matters much worse for the New York Times, Leeds and Hillary, a British gentleman who was seated in the same row but across the aisle from Trump and Leeds saw that false article and decided to put out the truth.

He stated “Leeds was lying; Trump did nothing of the kind.”  He also stated, “If anything, Leeds was fliting with Trump who didn’t respond.”  And again common sense tells us that there we multiple people in that first class section and not one person has ever mentioned one word about Trump doing anything to that women.  I mean come on man, this so much Hillary election bull spit.

The next crazy story put out by the Hillary lie factory was that some reporter was interviewing Trump and he groped her.  Again this is easily proved to be just more Hillary disinformation, misinformation, half-truths and dammed lies.  The interview took place in an airport, in a public room that was occupied with many people; also the room was surrounded by glass walls with unlimited visibility, 360 degrees.

No one, not one person ever said Trump did anything like that to that reporter.  In addition, the reason for that interview was that the reporter was writing a story about Trump and his wife.  That story was about Trump’s love for his wife and there was not a hint that Trump did anything to that reporter that she now claims he did to her; Hillary the lying Queen.

I mean think about that interview, she was a reporter, if what she claims actually happened, she could have turned that into the most sensational story of the year.  No reporter would ever pass up that kind of fame and potential money.  But in the days, months and years after that interview, she has written not one negative word about anything that happened to her during that interview.  But now in the few days before the 2016 election here it comes.    Just more Hillary corruption, I mean how much did the Clinton Crime Family have to pay this now degraded woman to put out those lies?

Think about it, Trump has been a very public person for more that forty years.  In that time he has often been surrounded by thousands of very beautiful women.  Until just a few days prior to the election none of those thousands of women has ever made a creditable comment that Trump was even remotely inappropriate with them and the overwhelming number of those ladies still have not, in fact several of them have gone public and gladly stated that Trump was always a gentleman with them.  Some of these women have testified that Donald Trump actually provided comfort and money for them when they were in dire personal straits without any publicity about his charity.  Trump provides money, Hillary steals money, just ask the Hattians.

And yet Hillary and the Democrats have found women who claim Trump were a groper.  As the above proved and as Trump has stated, “Those claims are false,  just another tactic to attempt to confuse and distract American voters to the obvious fact that Hillary is a dangerous and devious lady who has nothing of value to provide to this country.”

So let us lay out once more the reasons Hillary Rodham Clinton must never again hold any position of political power in this country.

Hillary has been degrading American politics for over forty years.  I do not intend to go there, it would take a thousand page book to cover all of her malicious, hateful, malevolent, nasty, past evil actions. Let us just concentrate on the layer upon layer of her current slimy, oozing, stinking corruption during this election cycle.

And just to be sure that everyone knows, we now have absolute evidence that not only Russia but also China and Romania (and who else?) hacked Hillary’s unsecure server and unsecure communications devices, thereby jeopardizing some of our countries most highly classified information.

Some of our countries most dangerous adversaries were being handed our most highly classified intelligence message traffic because Hillary had to have her Clinton Foundation pay to play information transmitted and stored outside of any Freedom of Information (FOIA) challenges.  Of course being Hillary, she inanely didn’t understand the technology she was playing with and it drastically backfired on not only her miserable self, but the entire country; so much for the “smartest women in the world.”

My whole USAF career was spent in communications. I was cleared for Top Secret and even much higher access, Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), so I know of what I speak.  If I or anyone I knew had intentionally mishandled the highly classified traffic that Hillary so arrogantly and irrationally made available to the world, we would have spent the next 20 years in Fort Leavenworth Prison.  Well maybe not if we could have bribed the FBI Director.

Last Friday 1,150 John Podesta emails were dumped by WikiLeaks, which brought the total number of leaked emails to over 10,000.  John Podesta is Hillary’s campaign manager.

WikiLeaks, ah yes, now I am sure there is a God in Heaven.   Here are just the top five revelations from some of Podesta’s leaked emails, hacked by someone and released by WikiLeaks.

  • Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation took money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar while Hillary knew they were funding the Islamic State. The Clinton’s value money more than their country
  • There was absolutely collusion with the Clinton Campaign and the DOJ concerning the FBI investigations into Hillary’s criminal email server. Recall the phony excuses used by Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch for Bill being on Lynch’s aircraft in Phoenix AZ.   There should be no doubt by anyone, Bill was promising Lynch another term as Attorney General if Hillary was not indicted and became president.
  • Transcript of Clinton’s speech referred to Bernie Sanders, his supporters and millennials as a “bucket of losers” and her own acknowledgment that she is “two-faced.”
  • How Podesta and Bill discussed how they all had conspired to maintain an unaware and compliant citizenry. My friends that is how a country turns into Venezuela.  As has been recently published, the richest woman in Venezuela is now the late Venezuelan dictator’s daughter.  I mean Bill and Hillary would fit in there just fine.
  • One of those Podesta emails describes how Hillary “hates everyday Americans.” As a member of our military for 28 years, USAF, I still remember Bill and Hillary being quoted as, “loathing our military” during Bills first term as president.  I guess good ole Billy was still pissed at being called out as a draft dodger by a General (he was) during the Vietnam War.

The epicenter of the case against Hillary Clinton is the undeniable fact that she illegally transmitted, received and stored classified information in a non-secure environment, voiding any security protection transmitted and received that classified (in some cases very highly classified) information over some ridiculously unsecure equipment; and as we now know because of WikiLeaks, the lies began.

Hillary’s supercilious and arrogant mishandling of highly classified defense information, in itself would be more than enough to prosecute Hillary for “gross negligence” the lie’s just add more wood to the fire.

And here is a news flash to FBI Director Comey, you knew very well Hillary had committed “Gross Negligence” in her role as Secretary of State with her handling of sensitive defense information.  “Gross Negligence” is a prosecutable offence and there isn’t any magnitude of absurd excuses that will ever clear Comey’s name.

As the old saying goes trying to hide and cover up a criminal action is usually worse than the initial crime.  Here is the latest nail in the coffin of either Hillary’s chance to be elected or another nail in the coffin of this countries traditional American ethos.

Following is one of the latest WikiLeaks releases. Because of that leaked information, the FBI just released, under Congressional pressure, this document confirming the leak:

“(Agent redacted) indicated that he had been contacted by Patrick Kennedy (Undersecretary of State) who had asked his assistance in altering an email classification in exchange for a “quid pro quo.”  (redacted) advised that in exchange for marking the email unclassified, the State Department would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more agents in Countries presently forbidden.”

My friends you just can’t make this stuff up.  In exchange for allowing Hillary to try and skate on a criminal action (knowingly mishandling classified information) as Secretary of State, one of the highest ranking Department of State officials tried to bribe the FBI into committing a criminal action by surreptitiously changing the security classification on an email Hillary mishandled from secret to unclassified.  Something has to happen with these outlandish criminal actions.  If we are to remain a country of laws, then laws have to have meaning.

As we now know, that Department of State official was the Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy.  In everything and everywhere the Clinton’s touch or do business the corruption flourishes.  But don’t hold your breath, our corrupt media will not make this public.  At some point in time our corrupt and dreadful media must be held accountable.  I can only hope I am alive to see that happen.

The scandals just keep coming and coming.  As long as there is a Clinton in power somewhere they will never stop. The world now knows, FBI Director Comey has had to reopen Hillary’s e-mail investigation just days prior to the 2016 election.  Not good news for Hillary and the Dem’s.

We now know that Huma Abedin, Hillary’s hand maiden and second in command, has transmitted, received and stored over 600,000 e-mails, many perhaps most of them classified e-mails, on her own unsecured device, one that her pervert husband, Anthony Wiener, who has NO security clearance, also had access to on his unsecured lap top.  Believe it my friends, Comey would not have reopened Hillary’s e-mail investigation at this time unless there is something very significant involved.

  1. L. Howard October 2106

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