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In Leftism, ‘fact’ is a four-letter word and ‘truth’ is a filthy concept.  If it isn’t their truth, it’s a lie and those who speak the truth must be destroyed.  Congressional Democrats questioning AG Barr over the Mueller Report never referred to any actual facts published in the report or his letter.  Instead, they concentrated all their efforts on slandering Barr as a liar.  When a liar calls the truth speaker a liar and the truth speaker responds by pointing out their lies, who is the average, ignorant, oblivious liberal to believe?  In the case of fools, they follow their lying hearts rather than learn the facts.

Hawaii Sen. Hirono impugns Barr without facts (if you can stomach it)

Democrats are smearing AG Barr for a singular purpose – to forestall his investigation into their criminal spying on the Trump campaign.  Ask a liberal Democrat if they ever tell lies and they will say, ‘No, they are pure and without sin.’  This makes them pathological liars as all human beings who speak have told lies.  Barr has refused to be questioned by House Democrats who want to use lawyers expert in entrapment, and they have refused to question Mueller on the truth.

Barr investigating Russia probe origins

Trump Vows to Investigate the Democrat’s Attempted Coup

Deceiver’s primary tactic is to keep throwing mud until the truth is concealed beneath a pile of muck.  Democrats must establish a false premise to smear Republicans.  Liberals must call truth speakers liars to convince the ignorant of their own lies.  When Republicans expose liberal lies the oblivious must choose between two conflicting opinions.  Unless they are informed and morally educated, they are generally lost.  Without knowing the history of the facts, the commonly ignorant liberal is easy to fool.

What do liberals know of Democrats?  Do they know that Democrats wanted the president to be a king?  Do they know that Democrats refused to sign the Constitution unless the abolition of slavery was stricken?  South Carolina led that fight.  When liberals say the Founders were a bunch of rich white men who didn’t want to pay their taxes but wanted to control the government, they are talking about the Democrats for whom they vote.  Everything liberals say they abhor in tyrants they endorse in their own party.  Everything they smear Donald Trump as being is what they themselves are.  How are liberals so blind to their own leftism?

The only way to be that morally blind is to have your head buried where the sun don’t shine.  It is living life in denial because the truth hurts their brain.  The leftist does not live by logic, but only by emotion.  For them, life on an Egyptian river boat is preferable to life in the sun because it keeps their ego intact.  Perhaps that’s why they think they understand the science of climate change when they know nothing of science facts?  When you can’t see the light of the sun then you have no idea what heats the Earth.  When you can’t hear the truth then you have no idea who to follow.  This is how Democrats keep their sheep docile by filling their ears with muck.

Liberal media cannot tell a truth to save their lives.  If they speak any truth it is buried in their stories such as those that have been slandering Trump have done where they reveal they have no facts on which to base their allegations.  Covington kid, Nicholas Sandmann, is going to get ultra-rich taking leftist media to court for the slanders they published of his encounter in Washington.  All the media that refused to publish apologies and retractions are going to go down to the truth they smeared.  George Zimmerman could have done the same over ABC’s reporting of his shooting of Trayvon Martin when they edited out the officer asking him to describe the suspect.

Bernie Sanders is out slandering the rich as greedy along with those politicians who become millionaires while serving in Congress when that’s exactly what he did.  Joe Biden is saying that the Middle Class is being crushed by a stagnant economy.  Had he said this during his Obama years it would have been true, but they just spent the last year trying to take credit for the Trump boom.  At some point do liberals ask themselves how Democrats can tell opposite stories believing both to be true?  They don’t even wait to hear the facts before rendering judgement.  Like they did to Gen. Petraeus, they said Barr was lying before he even spoke.

The best rule of thumb in politics is to follow the rule of plausibility.  “Believe half of what you read and none of what you hear,” is an axiom of being aware of propaganda and disbelieving common gossip because they are unverified.  Leftist media today thrives on false allegations, false presumptions, and innuendo.  The axiom of believing media today is, “Believe half of what Republicans say and none of what Democrats say.”  Even if you can confirm a fact you still need to put it in context.  Democrats call Trump a molester for saying, “Grab women by the pussy,” but they take his words out of context when he began his remark saying, “Women will let you,” which makes it mean the opposite.

Democrat lies have become so obvious that it is impossible to not see how two-faced they are.  Leftist media that used to expose lies now corrupts the truth to conceal lies.  The simple fact of life in 21st century America is that leftism’s foundation is lies and liberalism’s foundation is obliviousness making the axiom true that;

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

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