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Liberal Democrats love Republicans who do as Democrats tell them to do so they fail.  President Bush 41’s greatest mistake was to do what Democrats wanted and break his campaign promise by passing their new tax on the rich.  That brought out Ross Perot to divide the Republican ticket and make Bush 41 a one-term president.  Democrats hanged him on the promise to his voters they praised him for breaking.  Likewise, they gave GOP traitor John McCain a presidential funeral because he went belly up to give the nation Obama, and in his last act of treachery voted not to repeal ObamaCare, thus betraying his voters, his party, and his country.

This is the kind of two-faced, turncoat backstabbing that is SOP for Democrats.  Just as they label Republicans as Nazi KKK when theirs is the party that promoted Nazi propaganda techniques and established the KKK.  They slander Trump under a mountain of mud smearing him as a despicable human being who is racist and abuses women.  These are the same people who made Jim Crow Laws and elected a serial molester and his wife to the presidency where they destroyed his victims.  How do Democrats hold the loyalty of people who say they are against rape and racism?  Donald Trump was lauded for decades for his minority support until he ran for president as a Republican.  Only the critically uneducated believe anything Democrats tell them.

“The only good Republican is a dead Republican.”

Once again, the leftism that their only good opponent is a dead one rears its ugly head.  Remember “the only good Indian is a dead Indian,” which is just another version of their battle cry of “kill them all and let God sort them out,” or “just wipe them out and start over?”  Leftists always lump all of their enemies into one basket and curse them wishing them all dead.  This is the birthing of all genocides the left has committed throughout history.  It is how they envision building their Utopia on the bodies of those who will not submit to their tyranny.

How many genocides have been committed by the right?  Zero.  If you don’t think that’s correct, I dare you to name ONE!  When leftists watch the “Avengers: Infinity War” they don’t fantasize about being Avengers.  They fantasize about being Thanos.  “How much better would the world be if those filthy conservative Christian Republicans were all dead and gone?”  They would love the power to eliminate half the people.  They’ve been dreaming of this for a century beginning with the Population Bomb theory.  Republicans don’t think in those terms about Democrats, but about how the world would be better if only they were educated and taught good morals.  We only think about stopping their crimes and corruption.  To them, stopping their corruption is tyranny.

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With the death of former President George H.W. Bush, the nation is once again being treated to the two-faces of liberal Democrats.  The same people who demonized him during his presidency, who scorned his life, praise him today for only one purpose – to lionize him as a means of slandering President Trump.  It’s disgusting to watch and worse to listen to.  The media only loves Republicans when they die, when they lose, and when they submit to Democrats.

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They loved McCain because he sided with Democrats “reaching across the aisle.”  When he ran for president, they treated him like sludge.  McCain was happy to be their pet Democrat in the Republican Party and get media praise for siding against good Republican policy.  He exulted in voting against the repeal of ObamaCare betraying his voters and America.  For this, the Democrat media televised his “presidential funeral” with exaltations just like they are doing for Bush.

Bush 41 they reviled as much as any Republican since Reagan won an election.  He did nothing right except submit to breaking his one big campaign promise and passing Democrat’s new tax.  While they praised him for doing so, they turned on him in the next campaign and hung that around his neck like a lodestone and used it to beat him over the head.  The man who won the First Gulf War with a good economy should never have lost after just one term to a man who is a serial molester and his two-faced wife.

Where Was This Love for George H.W. Bush When He Was President?

The leftist Democrats serve only their elites who rule over their dupes among the poor who vote for them to give them goodies.  The RINOs work with and for Democrats to get their own piece of the elitist pie.  The right Republicans serve the Middle Class.  Barack Obama was a far-left Democrat who served the socialist wing of American politics and it got America an economy in decline and a world in flames.  Donald Trump is a far-right Republican who serves the capitalist wing of American politics that has gotten America a booming economy and allies crushing leftist violence around the world.

This has incensed the left who call the righteous pushing back their invasions by Latino-communists and Islamo-Nazis “racism” and “xenophobia.”  The RINO desertion and voter fraud of 2018 resulted in some Senate seats not being taken that should have been, and the loss of the House to Democrats.  Blue states have almost no Republican congressmen remaining.  If you wonder how people can be so stupid as to elect Democrats who tear down this nation when it is becoming great again under President Trump, you need only look at the people they elected to represent them – Pelosi, Schumer, and the likes of Sanders, Warren, Cummings, Waters, and Ocasio-Cortez.  Their Congresspeople are all bigoted idiots, socialist thieves, and America haters.

Capitalism is what created and supports the Middle Class that exists for the first time in history because of American Exceptionalism.  Socialism is for elites and their peasantry.  A simple examination of how the middle class disappeared in every socialist nation, just as it is now disappearing in Europe as they foolishly voted for the lies of socialist utopia proves this undeniable truth.  Now the left is trying to impose climate change taxes and import Sharia to keep them in line and even the middle class in France is rioting against this government tyranny.  This is what President Trump was elected to stop and America is in danger of backsliding into Obamaism if the nation does not get the electoral system under control to stop Democrat’s massive voter fraud.  Criminals, foreigners, and felons should not be getting the vote.

Democrats want nothing less than to bury all Republicans and grind them under their boot forever.  They give more rights to criminals and invaders than to citizens.  That is not Americanism!

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