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The 11th-hour accusations against Brett Kavanaugh and Trump declassifying the FISA warrant fraud are both proving that Democrats have nothing to offer but humongous piles of bullsh*t that they are forcing everyone to wade through.

Laura Ingraham rips Kavanaugh accusations to shreds

Trump declassifies FISA warrant

Accusations that are rife with contradictory inconsistencies, false accusations that would amount to perjury in court, are being used to try to convict Kavanaugh in the court of public opinion to make him guilty even when proven innocent.  The allegations made are just a liberal negative that cannot be disproven.  Leftists then claim they are true and condemn Kavanaugh to be burned at the stake as they do in every witch hunt against Trump and his people.

At the same time, President Trump has declassified the FISA warrant facts proving Democrats committed multiple crimes to spy on Trump.  Liberals deny the truth at the same time as they declare lies to be true and fabrications to be facts.  It is just the kind of immorality that fills the leftist’s toilet bowls that is the repository of their minds.  Giving credence to them is just more GOP stupidity by Washington swamp rats that haven’t learned from Trump but seek to ally with Democrat to unseat him and keep him for moving his agenda forward.

Democrat Monkeys and Clowns Perform at Media Circus Court Hearings

Democrats Declare in One Voice – “I am Stupidus!”

Mueller Russian Investigation vs. Nunes FISA Warrant Memo

How do decent people deal with such dastardly attacks?

Democrats – Hearts of Bigotry, Ignorance, and Naïveté

Did you hear the story about Abraham Lincoln whipping his black housekeeper for spilling his dinner?  Lincoln didn’t free the slaves.  That was done by his Democrat Vice President after his assassination.  Democrats have always fought for freedom from wealthy aristocrats.  That’s why they fight for the freedom of socialism today against the corporate elites.  And did you hear the other one about how Christians worship Satan?

How stupid must people be to believe whatever they are told without evidence and they believe it?  You can convince most of the people to believe the most outrageous lies just in the telling.  But when they are found out all trust is lost.  Still, a good liar can convince some of them of absolute lies in the face of truth and their dupes will adhere to the lies believing they follow the truth.  These are the people we know as liberal Democrats.

Leftists and liberals are also bigots.  You can tell them that one priest in a hundred molested altar boys and they will not only believe that all priests are guilty, but that every member of their congregation, and even all members of their faith, are disgusting perverts.  The question is; why do they think homosexual priests are disgusting perverts, but their gay friends are wonderful?  The answer is; because they themselves are morally and intellectually perverted.

Leftists are the deceivers and liberals are their dupes.  The former will make up any lie to smear and slander the righteous just as they are doing to Kavanaugh, and their naïve, ignorant dupes will readily believe anything they are told to believe.  Colbert proved how easily liberal lemmings can be redirected when he addressed Comey’s firing.  The difference between a liberal and a conservative is not that conservatives are racist Nazis, but that liberals are such simpletons that they believe it.

Democrat Monkey Business

GOP moderates are as much dupes of liberalism as Democrat voters

Democrats – dupes, delusionals, and deceivers; zombies to propaganda

The only way that Kavanaugh does not get confirmed is because of a Republican who betrays their voters by believing Democrat lies.  Murkowski, Collins, Corker, and Flake are all fully capable of betraying Republicans as McCain did when he voted against repealing ObamaCare.  Unlike evil leaders who destroy those who will not ally with them or who fail them, traitors deserve their fate when they stand with the enemies of their supposed friends.  It is a fine moral distinction to be able to tell the difference between a traitor who was an infiltrator that sides with evil and a person of conscience who turns from it.  But Democrats have proven their two-faced duplicitous nature as the ones who embrace the Prince of Lies.

They say that their accusations are proof of guilt and that the accused must prove the accuser to be lying.  I can do that right now!  They are lying!  Now prove me wrong or GFY!  Do you know why lying is not one of the deadly sins?  Because it is the 9th Commandment. Liberal logic is an oxymoron for this reason – because they make no sense because they lie because they are criminals.  These freaking lying scum need to be brought to justice!  Republicans need to get their thumbs out of their butts and take action or prosecute these liars, slanderers, and perjurers

How do decent people deal with such dastardly attacks?

[Author’s Note: These Democrats are the most disgusting people on the planet.  They hide behind the “dignity” of the Senate while they throw sh*t into a fan and see what sticks against the wall.  They lie with impunity because they made rules in the Senate that allow them to lie.  Harry Reid admitted to lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes and laughed about it because they defeated him.  These freaking lying scum need to be brought to justice!  Republicans need to get their thumbs out of their butts and take action!!!]

Kavanaugh accuser scrubs her social media before going public

Other lies Democrats tell;

The Two Faces of Democrat Legends Woodward and Bernstein

Chelsea says Baby Sacrifice is Christian, Carrey says Yes to Socialism

Liberals say Hurricane Florence proof of man-made global warming

Democrats expand the definition of “hate crime” to include being a Republican

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