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It has become more and more apparent to the discerning American voter that the Democratic Party has abandoned ideas for the option of dogma.  This approach to reaching the voters peaked with the mantras of Hillary Clinton attacking Donald Trump.  The essence of her message was and is, “Donald Trump is dangerous  and we aren’t. t What will they do?  Whatever , who knows?

Dogma is the result of a lazy mind that wants to be heard but cannot clarify their thinking process to consider the facts.  Facts are expendable in the mind of the dogmatist because whatever is said must match their preconceived notions whether the facts are consonant or not.  Consider the mob that listens to the dogmatist and immediately chants a simple slogan usually aimed at deriding an opponent or projecting a political victory.  And the follow up is the continuation of the derision of the opponent and in the case of political defeat, a cry of “foul”.  There is no reflection on the causes of the defeat or the successes of the opponent.  There is only the repeated verbalization of the need to obtain political power and how rotten it is that their past projections have been decoded as unacceptable to the voters.

Since dogma is an easy thing for those whose primary goal is to acquire political power without an understanding of its nature, the crowds of supporters like the fans of a perennial losing sports team cling to the shouts and slogans.  The foolish “leader” listening to the shouts of encouragement from those that have the desire to oust the other party, takes his clue from their chants and rides the wave hearing only the cheers that echo the message that was presented and accepted.  There was no reexamination of the message, no explanation of its validity and the central theme is an accusatory tone accompanied by vitriolic phrases.

Dogma has never created or led to progress in any endeavor.  It is the product of a mind shut to thought.  It is the nemesis of civilization.  Yet for all it’s history and the misguided notion of the liberal mindset that assumes a sophistication and practices sophistry, the result is a mindless reversal to the barbarism of dogma.  This is not the result of a mind working to know the truth but a deep seated desire to rule and control.  When the Democrats found a political winner in the presidency of Bill Clinton, were they shocked at the cavalier attitude of a playboy in the White House?  What he did didn’t matter to them.  Power had been achieved and if they had achieved it personally they would have done no different.  What else explains the lock step support for the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States who flaunted the law?  They knew that what he said didn’t matter as long as he could win a political victory and they could ride the coattails.  The vision of an embarrassed country was of no concern.  They now could speak for the country even though they had nothing to say.

Since FDR the dogma of the Democrats has prevailed.  Once they got on a socialistic bent it was only power that mattered.  For a free citizenry restricting government would be a recognized necessity.  The founding fathers didn’t talk of the benefits the government could provide but the need to restrict the government from reaching the stage of tyranny that they had observed.  The Democrats abandoned that notion as soon s they bought into the idea that they could do the good things for people via government regulation and redistribution of wealth that could not be accomplished by the unfettered productive private citizen.  And now that they have seen the rejection of that approach by those who are hearing the voices of support for privatization and limited government, they fall into the abyss of dogmatism in the hope that if the message is repeated loudly and often enough someone will swallow it just as they have.

But America rebelled against political dogma from the time of it’s creation.  It knew of the servility of the European continent and the continued attempts to rule by force from Britain.  And now the rebellion is again revived against what is recognized as the same old chant of more and more power to the government.  There is also a recognition that the Republicans are reneging on their proposals to reduce the size of government and the redistribution of wealth.  The Republicans are developing a dogma of their own based on the fact that they have achieved political power and they don’t want to relinquish it.  The actions that don’t correspond to the promises and projections will open up this possibility.  But in the mean time the Democrats will rely on nothing except the same old notion they sold to the voting public when the long term effects of their programs were not so evident.  Social Security is dead and the Democrats know it but they will keep trying to shout down the reality of the situation with cries of shame on those who make an effort to eliminate this scheme that is destined to go broke.  They ignore it will be their grandchildren that will take reduced benefits, if any, and the fact that government enterprises that reach outside of the true nature of government to protect individual rights are all destined to fall into bankruptcy.  Just as the Soviet Union could not sustain the socialist notion neither can the United States as its political structure mimics the failed “experiment”.

The middle ages was a time of dogma and misery, the dogma of the Middle East has wrought nothing but pain and death and the dogma of the Democrats has brought them the realization that political glory is an ever diminishing hope.  The problem was not in their ambition but in their unwillingness to recognize that power in a democracy requires persuasion instead of a vision of impossibilities.  And only dogma can sustain such a vision.


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