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If Demonrats will hold AG Barr in Contempt of Congress for upholding the law they wrote, then you can be certain they are going to impeach President Trump for being innocent of collusion and obstruction fighting the injustice of the Mueller fraud.

This is what fascism looks like.  This is National Socialism in action.

The criminalization of Republicans is the last step to establishing a communist dictatorship to overthrow the Constitution.  Demonrats continue to persecute the president, his family, and his followers despite the Mueller Report proving those they held guilty to be innocent.  Their continuing to hold Trump guilty even after being proven innocent is the inherent evil of leftism.  There is not one Democrat that has been in Congress over the last twenty years, along with RINO Republicans, who doesn’t deserve to face the gallows for their betrayal of the American people.

In an effort to smear AG Barr, in order to obstruct his investigation into Democrat spying on the Trump campaign, Democrats are violating their own law holding Barr in Contempt for not releasing the 2% of the Mueller Report that they made illegal to release.  They have no excuse for their actions claiming that Barr and Trump are withholding damning evidence from them when Barr made the complete, unredacted report available for them to view and NOT ONE DEMOCRAT has gone to read it.  Their subpoenaing and threat against Donald Trump, Jr. after this case has been closed is proof that they will pursue their agenda to make Republicans and businessmen criminals until they are all destroyed.

These are the people who want to give the vote to criminals and foreigners to crush and control American citizens.  They say voting Republican is voting for racism when Trump hasn’t uttered a racist word in his life.  Democrats are the history of racist hate in America from endorsing white racism against blacks to now endorsing black racism against whites.  The simple truth is that voting Democrat is anti-American.  Any Democrat who claims to be a patriot is a two-faced liar.  The party that cheers for killing babies has no Christian in their ranks except pretenders.  The party that promotes criminals in their ranks has no citizens in their ranks except traitors.  The party that promotes communism in its ranks has no Americans except frauds.

This is a Constitutional Crisis, not because Trump is usurping power by not yielding to Democrats, but because Democrats are attempting to usurp power by enacting a coup over the duly elected president.  Democrats are the lawless party of criminals, America haters, and fascist dictators who use their big lie campaigns to smear the righteous.  For them to say Trump is causing this crisis, and at times saying it is a false crisis, just as they call the border crisis they created to be Trump’s false crisis, clearly exhibits they are two-faced liars speaking out of both sides of their mouths.  Democrats are dedicated to undermining and sabotaging everything President Trump does until they destroy him even if that means ruining this country.

If President Trump doesn’t lower the boom on their collective heads and nuke these traitors before they steal the next election, then they will succeed in overthrowing the Constitution.  Democrat’s plan of massive voter fraud by seeding swing states with illegal aliens to cast provisional ballots that they will mix in with legitimate ballots is only part of their plan.  Now they are proposing some NeverTrumper Republican like Mitt Romney run as an independent in those states to siphon off the votes of foolish Republicans to get the Democrat elected.  Add to that Democrats cry of “voter suppression” which is a myth they have created as more minorities are voting than ever.  If minorities are turned away at the polls, it’s because Democrat fraudsters have already cast ballots in their name.

This is how evil seizes power by hook or by crook.  If they can’t take it by force (the crook) overthrowing Trump via their coup, then they take it by duping the ignorant (with the hook) by defrauding the election.  America needn’t fear Russian interference when there are millions of Democrats willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to win elections.  Ever since the killed Kennedy, Democrats have gone hard leftist to embrace communism.  America’s future as the greatest of nations hangs by a thread endangered by those who would remake her into a socialist dictatorship.

In America, you are free to do anything that has not been deemed illegal.  In socialists states, you are not free to do anything unless the government says it is legal.  Capitalism makes the rich powerful.  Socialism makes the powerful rich.  America will go the way of Venezuela, Russia, and China if Democrats are permitted to seize power.  They will snuff out the American Dream and enslave the people to the New World Order they are striving to create.  All that will happen if they succeed is that the evil nations of the world will unite to complete the destruction of America and the world will enter a new Dark Age as it did when they destroyed Rome.

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[Author’s Note: The tyranny of leftists is on full display.  Their methods of subterfuge and deception are made clear.  They are convicting the innocent as guilty even after they are proven innocent. Democrats are undermining and sabotaging the Trump presidency in any way they can.  John Kerry, Obama’s Secretary of State, is undermining Trump’s foreign policy in violation of the Logan Act.  President Trump says he cannot charge Kerry with this crime.  This can only be because there are enough RINOs who would join with Democrats if President Trump started prosecuting Democrats for their crimes to impeach him.  The only recourse then would be a revolution.

That’s why Democrats want to disarm people and are using every fraud by encouraging these mass shootings to dupe people into agreeing to be disarmed.  Every Democrat, from Pelosi getting rich through insider trading that Democrats allow themselves, to Reid seizing land in Nevada, to Schumer shaking down businesses in New York, to Blumenthal being elected even after being exposed as a phony Vietnam veteran stealing honor, to the stupidity of Waters and AOC, and to the treachery of Tlaib been Omar, to the socialism of Sanders, and the many perversions of Democrat candidates, Democrats have thoroughly infected government with criminals and corrupted the minds of the people.

All of these criminals are making laws to convict the innocent.  This is how the tyranny of leftism operates through deception and corruption.  America may be destined to fall.  This may be a prelude to Revelations.  But that doesn’t mean that we lay down for evil.  Jesus never said to let evil rule over the righteous.  Pray for President Trump to overcome congressional treachery.  Pray for our nation to defeat leftist usurpers.  Teach your children the truth about leftist socialism in the 20th century in the form of communism, fascism, Nazism, and Islamism.  It’s easy to dupe the ignorant into voting themselves under the boot of socialism.  And it always takes brave men of moral valor to fight their way out from under it.]

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