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The title of this article may sound harsh but what we are witnessing from them can only be described in that manner.  I have voted in eight presidential elections, but I have never seen the vile hatred exhibited during the campaign and after that I am seeing today.  In 1968 we had the anti-war riots in Chicago: Eugene McCarthy, a committed anti-war candidate, began to challenge the long-held assumption that the United States should remain in the war. As the debate intensified, fights broke out on the convention floor, and delegates and reporters were beaten and knocked to the ground. Eventually, the delegates on the side of the status quo, championed by then-Vice President Hubert Humphrey, won out, but the events of the convention had seriously weakened the party, which went on to lose the following election.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Chicago, several thousand anti-war protesters gathered to show their support for McCarthy and the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley deployed 12,000 police officers and called in another 15,000 state and federal officers to contain the protesters. The situation then rapidly spiraled out of control, with the policemen severely beating and gassing the demonstrators, as well as newsmen and doctors who had come to help.

The ensuing riot, known as the “Battle of Michigan Avenue,” was caught on television, and sparked a large-scale change in American society. For the first time, many Americans came out in virulent opposition to the Vietnam War, which they had begun to feel was pointless and wrongheaded. No longer would people give the national government unrestrained power to pursue its Cold War policies at the expense of the safety of U.S. citizens. 1 But there was a very unpopular war going on that the Democrats would not allow the generals in the field to wage in a manner to win it.  Was the war really a war we should have been involved in? Stopping the spread of communism is vital for a healthy world but we were not allowed to approach it like we did WWII.  Fight to win!  Democrats did not have the guts necessary to win that war which ended in the loss of over 58,000 young men.

Each election since then has seen the liberals move more and more to the left and become more vocal when they lose.  In 1960 Nixon won the popular vote but John Kennedy wo the electoral college. Nixon accepted the loss and went into retirement.  He should have staid there.  In 2000, G.W. Bush won the electoral college and Al (Sci-Fi) Gore won the popular vote.  He contested, complained and even introduced himself as the real president.  He went over seas and dissed America and the new administration to foreign nations, the first to ever be that low, but his character led him to do that.

Then there is the Kerry/Edwards presidential campaign of 2004.  If you thought Gore stooped low then your jaw will drop with what Edwards stated miracles would take place when Kerry was elected. After the second presidential debate, in which John Kerry used the word “plan” 24 times, I said on television that Kerry has a plan for everything except curing psoriasis. I should have known there is no parodying Kerry’s pandering. It turned out days later that the Kerry campaign has a plan — nay, a promise — to cure paralysis. What is the plan? Vote for Kerry.

This is John Edwards on Monday at a rally in Newton, Iowa: “If we do the work that we can do in this country, the work that we will do when John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk, get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.”

In my 25 years in Washington, I have never seen a more loathsome display of demagoguery. Hope is good. False hope is bad. Deliberately, for personal gain, raising false hope in the catastrophically afflicted is despicable.

Where does one begin to deconstruct this outrage?

First, the inability of the human spinal cord to regenerate is one of the great mysteries of biology. The answer is not remotely around the corner. It could take a generation to unravel. To imply, as Edwards did, that it is imminent if only you elect the right politicians is scandalous. 2  There are bad preachers out there that might make an insane statement like that but when a politician says it, run!  Don’t get me wrong.  I fully believe that God can and does heal people today as I have seen it happen to family members but coming from a politician to get votes is reprehensible at best.

The cries of despair from the left since November 8, 2016 have become the grounds of insanity.  Trump has not caused any of the problems they said he would.  In fact, he’s done the opposite.  They said the stock market would crash, it has actually gained $7 Trillion in value.  They said his foreign policies would get us into WWIII, they have done the opposite.  We’ve brought home political prisoners that Obama left for dead.  We are on the verge of stopping the Korean War which has been going for almost 70 years.  He said he would move the US Embassy from Tel Viv to Jerusalem and the entire Arab world said blood would run in the streets>  the Embassy is now in Jerusalem and what Trump has done to ISIS has no doubt changed the minds of the majority of those upset about the move.

We have a president who does what he says he’ll do and it’s all been for the betterment of Americans and America.  If that’s what they are complaining about maybe we should ship their unpatriotic carcasses to Venezuela and give them a taste of the ‘good life’ their professors said socialism is.  Even today with the news of the suicide of Kate Spade the left is insanely anti-Trump.  I was watching Tucker Carlson tonight and Brit Hume commented that upon hearing of the news of Kate, and having lost a son to suicide, posted on Instgram “You never know what someone is going through, be kind.”  He stated that 80% of the comments were negative and against Trump!  This is the part of society that feels that it has the right to control government and you!  It not only feels it has the right, it demands the right to put you under their thumb.

The last I will bring up is the vile hatred on our college campus’.  For the last two years we have seen numerous conservative speakers shut down, most before the event could even take place, public and private property destroyed simply because a different point of view other than theirs was going to be espoused. This is a page right out of Hitler’s playbook, but they call conservatives Nazis even though their own actions are the actions of the Nazis.  Recently, the Santa Clara University’s Turning Point USA chapter set up a display showing the deaths/murders committed by Marxist/communist/socialist governments have committed and it was met with the typical liberal hate filled violent response: The Blaze reports that the students had set up a table as well as placed 1,000 red flags on campus to bring awareness to the lives lost under socialist and communist governments (each flag represented 94,360 lives). 

But when one left-leaning communist sympathizer came across their display, she…freaked.

The Blaze reports:

She approached the TPUSA students at the table and delivered a loud, expletive-laden rant as she tore up and ripped down their anti-socialist posters, club members told Campus Reform. A portion of the incident was caught on video.

The conservative students tried to dialogue with her. But when she was asked if she’d heard of Venezuela’s poor living conditions, the woman angrily replied, “Have you heard of Puerto Rico?”

She also appeared to attempt to slap a phone out of TPUSA chapter president Rhaaghav Kanodia’s hand and flip over the table in the direction of several TPUSA students, Campus Reform said.

Campus Reform originally received the footage of the belligerent co-ed (contains explicit language):

It is a shame that this phenominon is particularly amplified on our college campuses, where students should be taught how to hash out these differences using discourse, not violence.

These people seem to believe, rather, that speech they disagree with is violence, and respond accordingly (ironic because they’re otherwise not too concerned with one’s right to self-defense, but I digress).

Conservatives at Santa Clara University report conditions that are less-than-favorable to their views, which are, ironically, now revolutionary in a nation that once generally agreed on liberty and small government.3

Do I need to remind you of the midterm elections in November?  Do I need to remind you that it is important that conservatives and evangelicals get out and vote?  The insanity that will ensue if these people gain power will make the Obama administration look like angelic heaven.

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